Information About Visa For Cuba

General information

The government of Cuba allows travelers to apply for a quick and easy Visa (Visa) to visit the country for tourist or business reasons. This is a mandatory document to enter Cuba. Any person who wants to come to Cuba must apply to get an Visa.

The Visa for Cuba is available for foreign citizens of any of the eligible countries and travelers must request it online prior to the travel.

If the nationality of the passport is not on the list of eligible countries to apply for an online visa, the requester must go physically to the embassy and apply for the visa there.


Once the request is fulfilled and presented, it will be studied by the immigration officers. You must be aware that additional information or documentation may be required during the approval process and this must be attached to finish the process correctly.

This travel authorization doesn't warrant the entry to Cuba. Travelers can be elected for a second verification process prior to their entry in the country.

Any tourist traveling with an visa for Cuba, must show the following documentation on their arrival to an international entry point in Cuba:

  • Printed and approved Visa

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months from the moment of your arrival in Cuba (it must be the same as the one used to fulfill the Visa application).
  • Health insurance
  • Input Specifications Types of visas
    • Standard: All foreign citizens traveling to Cuba with a direct flight must purchase a Standard visa (green color).
    • Specific: All foreign citizens who travel to Cuba with a flight from the United States or make a stopover in this country must purchase a Specific Visa (pink color).