Visit the United States
General Information

Number of inhabitants: 325.719.178
Capital: Washington (672,228 inhabitants)
Most important cities: New York (population 8,537,673), Los Angeles (population 3,976,322), Chicago (population 2,722,389)
Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
Languages: English
Time zone: UTC -5 to UTC -10 (UTC -4 to UTC -10 in summer)
Climate: Depends on the area

Places to visit

The United States is such a vast and complex country that it has places, landscapes and events to suit all tastes. Apart from cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco, there are other destinations.


- Yosemite National Park: home to El Capitan and the famous giant Sequoia trees.
- Niagara Falls: giant waterfalls along the Canadian border.
- Denali National Park: A remote national park with the highest peak in North America.
- Mount Rushmore: the emblematic monument of 4 former presidents carved into a cliff.
- Yellowstone National Park: the first national park in the United States and home to the geyser Old Faithful.
- Grand Canyon: the longest and most visited canyon in the world.

Useful tips Security

Movies, television programmes and music videos often give foreigners the inaccurate impression that the United States is devastated by an extremely high level of violent crime. Very few visitors to the United States experience any kind of crime. It is enough to take common sense precautions and remain attentive to what is taking place around you, just as you would be anywhere else. Locations frequented by tourists and visitors often have considerable police presence and are safe for all, except for minor offences (e.g. pickpockets).


The common culture for most Americans is the western culture, much of which originates from the traditions of European immigrants, along with the traditions brought by African slaves. Recently, immigrants from Asia and Latin America have added more elements to this cultural mix, which has been described as "a melting pot of homogenised races in a heterogeneous salad bowl" in which immigrants and their descendants retain, share, and absorb various distinctive cultural characteristics.


The United States is at the forefront of technological development worldwide. Hardly anyone can have any problems connecting to the Internet or making calls during their stay, but a review of the potential roaming costs from the use of mobile phones on American territory is recommended.


A country as enormous in geographical terms as the United States has diverse means of transportation for travelling around it. Clearly, travelling from one city to another is best done by plane, and then by renting a car to move inside the city, as the available infrastructure is magnificent and calls out for extensive use by tourists.