Djibouti Visa

eVisa Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
From 1 to 14 days
14 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 12 USD
From 15 to 90 days
90 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 23 USD

How to get a Djibouti Visa

Complete online application

Prepare your passport and fill in our simple online form in less than 5 minutes

Receive your travel visa

We will send you your approved document in a few days - without you having to go anywhere!

Start your journey

Show your passport and the visa we sent you when you arrive at your destination.


Obtaining the Djibouti visa is an easy process. You will only need the following items:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A passport photograph
  • Proof of hotel reservation, or letter of invitation
  • Flight ticket
  • An email address to receive the visa
  • A bank card to pay

If any of these elements are missing, your application will be saved so that you can complete it at a later stage.

The application procedure is entirely online, and if you apply through Visagov, you will find a form in your language, simplified, and designed to minimise rejections due to possible errors.

It will not take you more than 5 minutes to complete.

When you receive your approved e-Visa, you must print it out and present it with your passport upon arrival.

Do you need more information? See our complete guide: How to get a visa for Djibouti

Djibouti Visa Application

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All foreigners traveling to Djibouti for tourism or business purposes need a valid e-visa to enter the country.
If you come from a country where yellow fever is endemic, you will need to provide proof of yellow fever vaccination once you arrive in Djibouti.
After you submit your application, the waiting time for the approval is usually 2 to 4 working days.
On our website, you can access your panel with your application ID number (the code you get when you submit your application), where you can consult the status of your application at all times.
Yes, you have to present your printed visa, as well as the receipt of your payment.
The period of validity of your e-visa depends on the visa that you will request when filling out the form. You can choose between a transit visa which will be valid for 14 days or a tourist visa valid for 90 days.
The approval of your visa will not be immediate, it usually takes between 2 to 4 working days.
Submitting your application will take no more than 5 minutes once you have all the requested documents.
To travel to Djibouti, you must fulfill the following Djibouti entry requirements: having a valid passport, obtaining a Djibouti visa and presenting a yellow fever vaccination certificate if you come from a country where the disease is present.

Check your eligibility

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Djibouti Evisa: More information

All foreign citizens travelling to Djibouti must apply for a visa at the embassy or an electronic visa before entering the country.

The only nationalities exempt from visa requirements are Singapore and China. All other citizens are required to apply for a visa. Most nationalities can apply for a visa online, which has been available since 2018. This visa greatly speeds up the application process and avoids unnecessary travel.

Depending on which Djibouti e-Visa you apply for, it will allow you to stay for up to 14 or 90 days as a tourist or to carry out business activities. In either case, the visa allows only a single entry to the country.

The government authorities reserve the right of admission and will deny entry to the country, even with an approved visa, to persons who may represent a threat to national security or interests.