Our mission is to simplify traveling abroad as much as possible. It was never easy to have all visa paperwork done properly for traveling abroad. Each country has different processes, different places to apply, the documents are not in many languages and every time, it’s like applying for the first time. There are some countries that managed to make the process easy, for example USA or Canada have the travel authorization process easy and straightforward. But then there are countries like Cuba, Djibouti or Uganda where even finding out how and where to apply can become quite a challenge.

That’s why we created Visagov, a single place to apply for a visa to any country, using a simplified online form which is similar to all countries, with 24/7 visa and travel assistance in case something goes wrong or you have any questions. We made Visagov the easiest and the most convenient way to get your travel authorization.

We provide visa processing for all travelers, as well as for the travel agencies and tour providers. Thanks to our purpose built system, travel agencies and providers can just upload all details in bulk and we handle all the processing.

Forget about the stressful and lengthy dealing with foreign governments and avoid all complicated bureaucracy.



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