Madagascar Visa

Details eVisa
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
30-day tourism visa
30 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 37 USD
60-day tourism visa
60 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 45 USD
15-day tourism visa
15 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 10 USD

How to get a Visa for Madagascar

Complete online application

Prepare your passport and fill in our simple online form in less than 5 minutes

Receive your visa

We will send you the document in a couple of days - without you having to go anywhere!

Start your journey

Show your passport and visa when you arrive in Madagascar.


It is compulsory to apply for a Madagascar visa in order to visit the country. To apply for a visa for Madagascar, you must have the following documentation:

- A copy of your valid passport
- An email address to receive your visa
- A bank card to pay

If any of these elements are missing, your application will be saved so that you can complete it at a later stage.

Before travelling to Madagascar, all foreign citizens must apply for a visa. You can get the Madagascar eVisa online.

Visagov can help you with the formalities of this document using a simplified form in your own language.

Thanks to our experts, the form will help you minimize the possibility of errors and refusals, thus guaranteeing that you will receive your visa on time.

You must print out your visa and present it with your passport upon arrival in Madagascar.

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Madagascar eVisa Application

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In 2017, the Republic of Madagascar launched a system to obtain electronic visas for tourism purposes only. You must apply for a visa before travelling to Madagascar. You can choose from 3 types of Tourist visas: a 15-day tourist visa for 10 euros, a 30-day tourist visa for 37 euros or a 60-day tourist visa for 45 euros.
No vaccine is required to travel to Madagascar. However, depending on your country of origin, there may be some recommended vaccines. We recommend you to contact your country’s International Vaccination Centre for more information before travelling.
Yes, you must print out your visa and present it upon arrival in Madagascar.
You should apply for your visa to Madagascar, once you know your date of entry to the country. We recommend you to apply for your visa at least 15 days before your departure date.
There are 3 different visas to Madagascar to choose from: the 15-day tourist visa, the 30-day tourist visa and the 60-day tourist visa.
Yes, you need a valid visa for Madagascar, and you can get it online. You must present it upon arrival in the country.
You need both. You must apply for a visa to Madagascar and show it with your passport when you arrive in Madagascar. Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the date of your entry.
The permitted stay in Madagascar depends on the type of visa you select. There are three tourist visas available, one allowing you to stay in Madagascar for up to 15 days, another for up to 30 days, and another for up to 60 days.
Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months starting from your date of entry to the country.
All travelers need to follow these Madagascar entry requirements: having an approved Madagascar evisa, a valid passport and vaccination against yellow fever.


Do you need an eVisa for Madagascar?
Use our eligibility checker to find out if you match with the requirements.


It is necessary to apply for a Madagascar visa to visit the country. You can choose a tourist visa for 15, 30, or 60 days. Additionally, there is an option to extend the validity of your visa for a maximum of 90 days once inside the country.

You must process your application for the visa for Madagascar with the correct information, and without omitting data that may be relevant to the interests of the country. If the information in your application is incorrect or you have omitted information, authorities may deny you entry to the country.