Papua New Guinea Visa

eVisa Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
Easy Visitor Permit (30 days from the date of arrival in Papua New Guinea)
30 Days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 50 USD
Easy Visitor Permit (60 days from the date of arrival in Papua New Guinea)
60 Days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 50 USD

How to get a Papua New Guinea Visa

Complete online application

Prepare your passport and fill in our simple online form in less than 5 minutes

Receive your travel visa

We will send you your electronic visa approved document within a few days - without you having to go anywhere!

Start your journey

Show your passport and the visa we sent you when you arrive in Papua New Guinea.

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Visa

If you wish to apply for a visitor's permit or a tourist visa to travel to Papua New Guinea, you must prepare the following documents:

- A copy of your passport
- An email address to receive the corresponding permit or visa
- A bank card to pay
- Return air tickets
- A bank statement confirming your ability to travel to the country

If any of these elements are missing, your application will be saved so that you can complete it later.

Both the visitor's permit and the electronic tourist Papua New Guinea Visa are 100% online. Visagov has simplified the application form to make it easier and more straightforward. You are also able to complete the form in your language, which will reduce the risk of errors due to misunderstandings.

You must print your Papua New Guinea e-Visa or permit and present it with your passport on arrival.

Do you need more information? See our complete guide: How to get a visa for Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea eVisa Application

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Yes, you need both. In order to enter Papua New Guinea, you need to present an approved visa along with your original passport with more than 6 months of validity starting from your arrival date.
Depending on the type of visa you select, the validity will vary. Currently, the following types of visa are available; Easy Visitor Permit allows for a single entry and either a 30 or a 60 days stay depending on the type you choose, and Tourist Own Itinerary is valid for a single entry for a 60 day-stay starting from the date of entry to the country.
The price of the visa regardless of the type you choose is 82 USD, including fees and processing.
Applying for your visa only takes 5 minutes, as you only need to have your passport in hand.
For the Easy Visitor Permit, you need a copy of the passport, for the rest of visas, apart from the copy of the passport, you must present the return ticket and proof of funds.
No vaccines are required to travel to Papua New Guinea. We recommend that you check with your country’s International Vaccination Centre for advice before you travel.
You will only need to present your approved visa and your original passport.
Yes, you will need to present it upon arrival in the country.
You should apply as soon as you know your travel date. We recommend you to apply for your visa at least 15 days before your trip.
You can use our eligibility checker to see if you need a visa.

Check your eligibility

Do you need an eVisa for Papua New Guinea?
Use our eligibility checker to find out if you match with the requirements.

eVisa for Papua New Guinea: More information

Any foreign visitor who plans to visit Papua New Guinea must apply for a tourist visa or a visitor's permit. Those with refugee passports cannot apply online, they must go to an embassy in person. Other people with ordinary passports can apply online, without having to travel.

A PNG visitor's permit is valid for 30 or 60 days, depending on your needs. The e-tourist visa is valid for 60 days, and you must choose the reason for your visit. In both cases, they are single-entry visas meaning that you will only be able to enter and exit the country once on that visa.

You must not lie or omit relevant information about yourself on the application form. On arrival in the country, if the authorities consider you to be a threat to the security or interests of the country, they may refuse you entry.