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Cambodian currency: Get to know all about the Cambodian riel

by Elena Escudero | July 24, 2019
women washing clothes in a river in Cambodia

What is Cambodian currency? The Cambodian riel is the official currency in Cambodia. The approximate exchange rate is 1 euro for 4,588 Cambodian riel. However, despite having its own currency, the US dollar is widely used, both in shops and restaurants, hotels, national parks, etc. At ATMs you can withdraw coins too.

Want to find out more? Here are some observations and advice about the Cambodian currency.

How to exchange Cambodian currency

If you want to live like a real Cambodian, the best thing is to make purchases with the local currency of Cambodia. Both at the airport and in the cities, you will find exchange offices. Likewise, in banks you can also make this foreign exchange transaction.

If you want to withdraw cash from ATMs, they will all charge you an approximate commission of around $4, so it is convenient to get as much money as possible at one time to avoid future commissions. The maximum, limited by Cambodian ATMs, is $500.

There is an exception: the Maybank bank does not charge any type of commission for carrying out this type of operation. Another trick is to extract the money at the window and not the ATM. To do it this way you just have to go to the bank with your card and your passport, although the currency they will give you will be dollars and not riel.

Cambodian currency banknotes

The ANZ Royal Bank is the bank with the largest network, which includes ATMs in shops, hotels, petrol stations and restaurants. On the other hand, the Acleda Bank also has an extensive network of ATMs in all provincial capitals, but these only accept a Visa card. Similarly, you can pay by card almost anywhere. However, it is convenient to always carry cash, since there are still places that do not have a card reader.

Also, it is better to pay with local currency as much as possible, because it will be cheaper than if you pay in dollars.

Can you use US dollars in Cambodia?

Yes, we can use US Dollars in Cambodia, you won't be forced to use the Cambodia currency for all the purchases you make. Below we show you approximate values of the main expenses per day that you could have in Cambodia:

  • Full board room: between 5 and 10 dollars
  • Street food: between 1 and 3 dollars
  • Public transport: between 2 and 3 dollars per 100 kilometres
  • Lunch in a restaurant: between 5 and 10 dollars
  • A small bottle of water: about 40 cents
  • A coffee: 1.5 dollars
  • Eggs: less than 1 dollar a dozen
  • A single public transport ticket: about 60 cents
  • The fare of a taxi: 80 cents per kilometre
  • One litre of petrol: less than 1 dollar

Cambodian currency to ride elephants

Cambodia currency to USD

The current exchange rate from the Cambodian currency to USD is:

  • 1 Cambodian riel = 0,00024 USD 
  • 1 USD = 4132,95 Cambodian riel

In short, bear in mind that you can pay either in dollars or in Cambodian riel, although it will always be cheaper to pay with Cambodian currency.

You can withdraw the Cambodia currency from any ATM with a commission, with Maybank being the only one that does not charge this fee.

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