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Things to do in Cambodia: top activities and attractions

by Juan José Herranz | July 23, 2019
women in Cambodia bathing in a lake

Southeast Asia has become fashionable in travel guides and it is no wonder. Until a few years ago it was one of the great unknowns to many, but it is full of gems to discover. In addition, it is one of the cheapest options, since prices are still low.

Have you already made the decision to travel to Cambodia? Perfect! It is important that you consider these things to do in Cambodia when organising your trip through the country. But, before we start, don't forget that you will need a Cambodian visa to enter the country!

Once you have your visa, you're ready to discover what to do in Cambodia. Pick your favorites and create the perfect travel itinerary for you.

Entering wild nature, one of the best things to do in Cambodia

In Cambodia things to do usually include the exploration of its natural resources, and if you travel to its northern part you will discover why. The waterfalls are the order of the day, the vegetation grows uncontrollably and exuberant, and the volcanic landscapes follow each other creating unforgettable lakes. To discover the jungle you can do calm excursions or you can practice sports, for example, trekking.

Elephants, dolphins and other exotic animals

Beyond the vegetation and landscapes, another part of the things to do in Cambodia if you enjoy nature is to see the animals. It is possible to find excursions to learn about the elephants in their natural habitat, free of animal cruelty. On the coast of Cambodia you can also spot marine animals such as dolphins.

The bravest will not hesitate to meet the reptiles and insects of the area, everything is an experience!

Seeing elephants is one of the things to do in Cambodia

Eat on banana leaves

The cuisine of Cambodia is very broad and is perfect for lovers of spices, especially curry. In addition to this, in the country we can also enjoy eating their typical dishes on banana leaves, an original way to discover the best quality meats. Finish your meal with the sweet touch of coconut milk.

History lesson in the museums

Although nature is one of the great attractions of the country, the fact is that Cambodia has some of the most unknown episodes in history. The museums of the capital, Phnom Penh, allow you to better understand the genocide that the Khmer Rouge committed on the population. Overwhelming.

Angkor Wat: the essential things to do in Cambodia

The Angkor complex is known for being one of the best-known and most visited archaeological sites in the world, without a doubt one of the most important things to do in Cambodia. However, many stay in the main temple, Angkor Wat, when what is really worthwhile is to spend the day travelling its kilometres and kilometres of beauty.

Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, Things to do in Cambodia

Travel to paradise

There is nothing like resting on a paradise beach after having toured Angkor or doing your trip in the jungle. The islands of the south of the country will be your destination: start by discovering Koh Rong to bathe in its crystalline waters.

As you can see, the things to do in Cambodia are endless. Regardless of whether you are looking for a trip through nature or if you want to delve into the history, Cambodia is the ideal place to make your next getaway.