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Ivory Coast tourist attractions: Fall in love with Africa

by Visagov | July 23, 2019
elephant walking in Ivory Coast main attractions ivory coast

There are many Ivory Coast tourist attractions. Therefore, before starting your stay there, you must organise your days well. The Republic of Ivory Coast has a great geography that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Thanks to its location, you can enjoy both its landscapes and its spectacular coastline. There are many kilometres of coastline to enjoy wonderful dips in the Atlantic Ocean. Get your Ivory Coast visa and meet all the Ivory Coast entry requirements to enjoy this African treasure.

Ivory coast tourist attractions: sea and mountains in Ivory Coast

Top Ivory Coast tourist attractions

The urban attraction of Yamoussoukro

In addition to natural attractions, the country has a large number of inner and outer cities. Many of those located on the coast are from colonial times. Among these are Grand Bassam, Abidjam or Assouinde. It is recommended to visit them to be able to enjoy the cold and wild waters of the Atlantic.

However, the most famous city is Yamoussoukro, which is the capital of the country and is located in the centre of it.

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

It has a spectacular basilica that imitates St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. This temple offers worship to the catholic religion.

Of course, it is not as busy as the Vatican and you can enjoy it much more calmly. It is said to hold more glass than all of France. In French, it is known as Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix de Yamoussoukro. It is an architectural place of interest that you cannot miss under any circumstances.

Like all country capitals, in Yamoussoukro you can find many cultural attractions.

Among them, art galleries and museums. Of course, you can also take advantage of gastronomic tourism for typical dishes of the area. In addition, your stay in this city will be the ideal time to take advantage to go shopping.

The natural attraction of Ivory Coast

The country has spectacular natural parks. For example, the Taï National Park has one of the oldest tropical forests in the world. The Comoé National Park and the Mount Nimba Nature Reserve are also places of tourist interest. In these natural landscapes, you will see animals living in their habitat. Among them: rhinos, lions, hippos and chimpanzees. Do not forget that the name of the country was established because of the large number of elephants that there were and, consequently, by the trade of the ivory from their tusks.

seeing rhinos is one of Ivory Coast tourist attractions , Ivory Coast tourist attractions

More tourist attractions in Ivory Coast

The attractiveness of the language in Ivory Coast

One of the greatest interests of the nation is their language. The country is thus known because the official language is French. There are many people who take advantage of their stay to improve their French.

Others who are native speakers of the French language use this country as an idyllic destination in which they do not have to worry about communication. Undoubtedly, it is a good way to travel and take advantage of the knowledge of French without always having to go to France.

Visiting Abidjan

If you travel to Ivory Coast, you should stop by the economic capital of Ivory Coast.

Abidjan is a bustling metropolis known for its modern architecture, vibrant nightlife, and cultural attractions like the Abidjan National Museum.

Seeing Sassandra and Ganvie

Another must see Ivory Coast tourist attraction is Sassandra. It is a charming coastal town with a laid-back atmosphere, known for its fishing industry, beautiful beaches, and nearby Îles Ehotilés.

You should also consider visitng Ganvie. It is a Village, often referred to as the "Venice of Africa," built on stilts in Lake Nokoué, offering a unique cultural and historical experience.