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Exploring places in Canada: Best places to visit in Canada

by Ana Sofía Teresita | July 22, 2019
Woman admiring a lake and glacier in Canada

Canada is a country with a lot to offer its visitors. It extends across the Pacific Ocean and reaches the Atlantic to provide a large number of tourist-attractions including mountains, islands and waterfalls. Canada has some of the most majestic landscapes in the world, they impress you from the moment you arrive. Let's review the most impressive attractions to visit in Canada.

Gros Morne National Park

This park is located in Newfoundland and it has great geological importance for the world considering its large rocks. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, a place where they can enjoy wildlife in its full glory as well as a wide variety of animals such as whales, moose and deer.

Most tourists come to the park in summer and during the months of February through to April, a time filled with athletes seeking fresh snow.

Calgary Stampede

This is one of the most famous rodeos in the world. Its history goes back to the cowboy shows that did tours between 1800 and 1900. This show presents the best cowboys in the world, competing for an established prize of up to 2 million dollars.

The event begins with a parade that covers four kilometres and it takes place every July for a duration of 10 days.

place Canada: Calgary Stampede rodeo

Cities in Canada

One of the places in Canada you must see is its cities. Toronto is a bustling city, the largest in Canada. There are many things to do in Toronto, Canada and landmarks, such as the aforementioned CN Tower, the Casa Loma castle, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

There is also the Kensington Market with many artsy and bohemian stores to explore.

For the hungry tourist, the Distillery District is filled with restaurants, bars, grills and music venues. One food to try in Toronto is the national dish of Canada, poutine. This is a moreish combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds which is sure to settle any rumbling stomach. 

If you prefer a more traditional, European-style city environment, Montreal has got you covered. The old town is full of historic buildings, such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, and horse-drawn carriages. There is also the Montreal Botanical Gardens, where you can have a peaceful walk amongst nature without leaving the city. A little further afield from Montreal you have all the things to do in Quebec. Quebec has more heritage for any history lover.

The place in Canada: Niagara Falls

Many people believe that Niagara Falls are found in New York (US), but the truth is that the three falls straddle the international border between the United States and Canada. In this regard, it’s important to highlight the Horshoe Waterfall as the largest one located on the Canadian side.

It is one of the most famous places in Canada: Approximately 20 million people visit Niagara Falls every year and many of these tourists take a boat ride on Maid of the Mist, the oldest attraction of these waterfalls.

Niagara Falls Canada

The Moraine Lake

This lake is located in the Banf National Park and is one of the most photographed places in Canada. It is fed by a glacier surrounded by the Alberta mountains and it is located in the valley of ten peaks with a mesmerizing height of 1,885 meters.

Tourists always want a photo on the Rockpile trail and hikers are often shocked by the beautiful views of the lake which offers a variety of activities like canoeing for instance. The great beauty of this lake makes it one of the best places to visit in Canada.

Hidden places in Canada: Churchill

This small town, located on the coast of Hudson Bay, attracts a large number of visitors each year to see the polar bears. It is popularly known as ‘the world’s polar bear capital’. In addition, it is a very popular place to observe the beluga whales, birds and the northern lights. As such, it is one of the best places to visit in Canada.