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What are the main cities in Kenya?

by Juan José Herranz | July 24, 2019
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What are the major cities in Kenya?

There are only three incorporated cities in Kenya but there are numerous municipalities and towns with significant urban populations.

What country's capital is Nairobi?


Nairobi will be, in all likelihood, your first stop on a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in Africa: Kenya. Its Masai name hides a city of great importance which is both political and economic. The city stayed in all our memories thanks to one of the favourite films of every worthy cinephile: Out of Africa. Several museums and the house of Karen Blixen are just some of the many attractions of Nairobi, the most important of all the cities in Kenya.

Kisumu, one of the stops to add to Nairobi

How could you not do it if we tell you that it is considered as the gateway to Lake Victoria? It is the third most important out of all the cities in Kenya and it is a mandatory step before reaching the lake. A city full of life and colour and the city that embodies the most genuine spirit of the country. The forest of Kakamega or the shores of the lake are the most amazing landscapes to see on this stop on your trip to Kenya.

What is other of the largest cities in Kenya?


This is the second most important city in the country or at least the most populated. It is the place where you can this culture which has made Arab, English and Indian influences of their own. Its historical centre, its colonial buildings, the fort of Portuguese origin or its famous railway that still connects Mombasa and Kampala are some of the many attractions of this city, whether you love it or hate it. We will see what you think.

Pay attention to the amazing beaches of this city. They are idyllic with fine golden sand. Good climate, the hospitality of the people and an incredible offer of leisure add to the attractions already listed. A place that is also fantastic for holidays, regardless of how they are due to the great hotel offer of the place.

fisherman and boats at sea in Kenya

Nakuru or the place of amazing nature in Kenya

This city which must be visited is 150 kilometres from Nairobi. Lake Nakuru, which located in this city and its flocks of pink flamingos that paint the sky, the possibility of sightings of black and white rhinoceroses, as well as Pokots villages, make this city a very attractive destination. It is one of the places to see the most authentic Kenya and the one that everyone has in mind when choosing this destination as a holiday spot.

The viewpoints, Makalia Falls, Ol Njorowa Gorge or Mount Longonot are other attractions in this Kenyan enclave.

Eldoret, spectacular landscapes in Kenya

In this case you have to go to the west of the country. In any case, it is a city of utmost importance which is eminently commercial and agricultural for having been the territory of the Sirikwa, the Nandi and the Masai. A place of spectacular landscapes and great tranquility.

The climate, which is one of the most pleasant in the country, and the coast, the tranquility and the fact that it is much cheaper than other Kenyan cities make it one of the most popular destinations in Kenya. There are endless reasons why you should not hesitate to visit this city.

Map of Kenya with cities

If you're trying to fit all of the largest cities in your trip to Kenya, you need to know its location. Here's a map of Kenya with cities to make it easier for you.

Map of Kenya with cities