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Top places to visit in USA by month: Fun in every season

by Pilar Dujan | November 23, 2023
Discover the urban and natural landscapes of the places to visit in USA

The United States of America is the fourth-largest country in the world in terms of area and the third-most populated. As such, it’s no wonder that the things to do in this country are almost impossible to count (there are so many!). 

Discover the best places to visit when you travel to the US. No matter the month or the season, there’s always something amazing waiting to be seen. 

Best places to visit in January in USA

Miami, Florida

Breckenridge (Colorado)

  • Average temperatures in January: -1°C / -7°C 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: best season for skiing 

Admire the wonderful Victorian architecture, hit the world-class slopes and enjoy a vibrant nightlife when you visit Breckenridge, Colorado. Home of the highest chairlift in the country, Breckenridge is also worth visiting because of the beauty of its Main Street, filled with shops and cafes that will make you feel warm all over. 

Also, in this town takes place the International Snow Sculpture Championships, which start at the end of January. 

Miami (Florida)

  • Average temperatures in January: 17ºC / 22ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: it’s still sunny and warm, smaller crowds

Going to the beach in the middle of winter seems like an impossibility… unless you’re in Florida. If you go to Miami in January you can still find warm enough weather to hit the beach, but without the extreme heat and humidity of the following months. Another perk is that the crowds will be much smaller (and the prices cheaper). 

There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in January, including a chocolate festival! The Art Deco Weekend is another must-do if you travel at this time of the year.  

Jackson Hole (Wyoming)

  • Average temperatures in January: -15ºC / -2ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: perfect time to enjoy winter sports

Jackson Hole is one of the best places to visit in USA in terms of winter destinations. This place is famous amongst skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Besides being a hub for winter sports, the city is also located close to other attractions like Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge, as well as the famous Yellowstone National Park. Enjoy the most stunning natural views in the US with a visit to Jackson Hole!

Best places to visit in February in USA

Places to visit in USA like Whitefish

Death Valley (California)

  • Average temperatures in February: 8ºC / 23ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: mild weather with no rain

Death Valley was the first desert national park of the US. It’s an extremely hot and dry piece of desert, which offers an amazing contrast because of the wildlife that resides in the basin. 

If you travel in the second half of the month, you will be able to see desert wildflowers and take the most beautiful photographs. Hiking is also great during winter because the weather is not as hot.

San Juan (Puerto Rico)

  • Average temperatures in February: 18ºC / 29ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: good weather, carnaval and other festivals

February is a great month to visit Puerto Rico. While most of the US is in the middle of winter, San Juan is still displaying great weather thanks to its location in the Caribbean.

On top of that, this month is when some amazing music festivals take place, like the most important classical music festival in the region: Festival Casals. This is also a great time of the year to explore El Yunque National Forest!

Whitefish (Montana)

  • Average temperatures in February: -9ºC / 2ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: winter sports and winter festivals

The city of Whitefish is great for those who enjoy winter sports but not the crowds that usually flock to the most popular places to visit in USA. 

If you travel in February, you’ll be able to join in the festivities of the Winter Carnival, with parties, a parade and the Penguin Plunge, an event where people jump into the icy waters of Whitefish Lake! 

Discover some other activities to enjoy during winter in Whitefish here.

Best places to visit in March

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The Finger Lakes (New York)

  • Average temperatures in March: -3ºC / 8ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: smaller crowds, better weather than during winter

Although it’s still a bit cold in March, the Finger Lakes are a cluster of 11 lakes that have much to offer visitors. You can enjoy all sorts of water activities and, if you travel in March, you will find lower prices and much smaller crowds than during other seasons.  

The area is also home to more than 100 wineries, so you won’t have trouble escaping if it gets too chilly. 

Sedona (Arizona)

  • Average temperatures in March: 4ºC / 20ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: ideal weather for hiking

Sedona is a paradise for hikers and outdoorsy travelers, and traveling in March will let you enjoy all the city has to offer without suffering the heat or the cold. It’s definitely one of the top 10 places to visit in USA if you like to explore nature: the iconic red rock formations make this a special place for exploring and taking stunning photos. 

Sedona is also one of the top honeymoon destinations in the US. Visit this wonderful city to discover what makes it so romantic!

Asheville (North Carolina)

  • Average temperatures in March: 3ºC / 15ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: it’s the shoulder season, mild weather

Asheville in North Carolina is one of those places to visit in USA that are beautiful no matter the time of the year, but spring is definitely one of the best times to travel.

You will be able to enjoy all sorts of activities in the Blue Ridge Mountains, like hiking or mountain biking. You’ll also be able to explore DuPont State Forest, home of the Bridal Veil Falls, and many other national parks and waterfalls. Visit the Biltmore Estate to see the largest private home in the country, built by the notorious Vanderbilt family.  

Take advantage of the shoulder season to book your accommodation at a better price.

Best places to visit in April in USA

Joshua Tree National Park at night

Tucson (Arizona)

  • Average temperatures in April: 10ºC / 29ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: temperate weather and good prices

Tucson, Arizona is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy that offers plenty of activities to its visitors. You’ll be able to visit the Sonoran desert (in bloom if you travel in April), hike and even go rock climbing! 

Since it’s a big city, visitors also have the chance of exploring cultural attractions, galleries and lots of museums. 

Joshua Tree National Park (California)

  • Average temperatures in April: 8ºC / 26ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: pleasant temperature with zero rain

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the amazing places to visit in USA for those who love exploring nature. If you travel in April, you’ll be able to enjoy the wildflowers in full bloom and hiking without heat exhaustion. Joshua Tree National Park also is home to palm oases.

The park can get crowded during the weekend so it’s better to go in the middle of the week, if possible. 

Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

  • Average temperatures in April: 13ºC / 28ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: good weather and smaller crowds

When visiting popular tourist attractions, sometimes it’s better to go during the shoulder season. That’s the case with the Grand Canyon in April: you will be able to enjoy the landscape better and take better pictures because the crowds are much smaller. Also, it’s still a good time to go hiking, but you must pack removable layers of clothing because the inside of the canyon gets hotter than it is outside. 

Best places to visit in May in USA

Places to visit USA: Mighty 5 in Utah

Oahu (Hawaii)

  • Average temperatures in May: 19ºC / 27ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: dry weather, smaller crowds

May is the last month before the beginning of summer and it might just be the best time to visit Hawaii. Why? The weather is warm but dry, and the crowds are much smaller than they will be during the next few months. 

Oahu, one of the best islands to visit in Hawaii, has many attractions awaiting its visitors. For example, you can snorkel in Hanauma Bay or learn about US history in the USS Arizona Memorial, a memorial to honor the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

There are also some good festivals and events in Oahu in May, like Lei Day or the Shinnyo Lantern Floating at the end of the month. 

Santa Barbara (California)

  • Average temperatures in May: 12ºC / 21ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: whale watching season

If you visit Santa Barbara in spring, you simply must take advantage of the chance of seeing the humpback whale migration! Plus, this time of year has amazing weather that lets you enjoy the best beaches in the city.

Not a huge fan of going to the beach? Then take a hike to the Ynez Mountains! You can also rent a bike to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. With this broad range of activities awaiting, it’s no wonder that Santa Barbara is one of the essential places to visit on the California coast.

The Mighty 5 (Utah)

  • Average temperatures in May: it can vary, but it tends to be okay
  • Why visit at this time of the year: desert flowers and smaller crowds

The Mighty 5 are five national parks located in Southern Utah. They are: 

  • Zion National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Arches National Park

Each park has its own strongpoint, but they are all worth the visit. If you travel to Utah in May, you will find very nice weather and smaller crowds because it’s a shoulder season. Plus, it’s the perfect time to see the desert flowers in bloom. The entire landscape of the Mighty 5 will be an explosion of nature that you simply can’t miss. 

Best places to visit in June in USA

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Glacier National Park (Montana)

  • Average temperatures in June: 4ºC / 16ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: small crowds and lower prices

This US national park is not worth visiting in winter because most roads are closed due to the snow. But by June, the snow is melting and the park comes back to life. The Going-to-the-Sun Road usually opens in the third week of June, so try to travel after that. To be safe, make sure to check here if there are any alerts in place when you travel.

Another great argument for going to Glacier National Park in June is that the summer hasn’t fully arrived yet, so the prices are lower, and the crowds much smaller

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in this park. From boat tours to biking or hiking, you’ll never be bored.

Ft. Lauderdale (Florida)

  • Average temperatures in June: 26ºC / 31ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: great beach weather! 

 Florida is one of the top places to visit in the USA for beach lovers. During June the weather is already good enough for sunbathing and swimming, some of the best things to do in Florida.

Cape Cod (Massachusetts)

  • Average temperatures in June: 14ºC / 22ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: whale watching and good weather

June is the last chance you get to visit the beach town of Cape Cod outside of the high season

Of course, since the weather isn’t at its hottest, the sea won’t be as appealing as during July or August. But there’s still plenty to do on the shore. For example, it’s the season for whale watching! Also, the prices will be considerably lower than if you travel a couple of weeks later. 

Best places to visit in July in USA

Giant trees at Sequoia National Park

Apostle Islands (Wisconsin)

  • Average temperatures in July: 15ºC / 22ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: sailing to the sea caves

Since it’s one of the northernmost states in the US, Wisconsin has very strong, cold winters. Visiting during the summer is the perfect choice to avoid freezing and, also, to see the natural wonders of the area.

Apostle Islands is a place known for its sea caves. If you can, rent a boat to see them, because the weather will be at its best for this activity. You can also rent a boat to relax in Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

  • Average temperatures in July: 4ºC / 23ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: best weather, no roads closed 

Yellowstone National Park is probably the most famous national park in the country, and the first to be established in the world! Here you’ll be able to enjoy the famous geysers (like Old Faithful), see bison and other wildlife species, as well as hot springs. 

Summer is known as the best time to go to Yellowstone. However, beware: it can get very crowded, but don’t let this deter you from going! It won’t ruin your experience and you will be able to enjoy the park at its best. 

Sequoia National Park (California)

  • Average temperatures in July: 7ºC / 22ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: great weather (high season)

This national park was created in order to protect the giant sequoia trees, like the famous General Sherman, from logging. 

July is the peak season for exploring this park, so you can expect it to be crowded. But it’s also the best time to enjoy the natural landscapes of Sequoia National Park, like its caves and waterfalls. 

Best places to visit in August in USA

A whale tail out of the water in Juneau, Alaska, USA

Mackinac Island (Michigan)

  • Average temperatures in August: 12ºC / 25ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: good weather, no cars allowed

This entry of the places to visit in the USA is quite different from everything else. Why? Because this town doesn’t allow cars! Prepare to enjoy and disconnect with the surrounding quiet, rent a carriage ride or a bike, see the sacred Arch Rock and taste the Mackinac Island Fudge, a local delicacy. 

San Francisco (California)

  • Average temperatures in August: 14ºC / 22ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: nice weather

San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the US, and August is one of the best months to go there: it’s a perfect place to walk around without the intense summer heat

You’ll be able to enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer, like the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown or the Alcatraz prison, and maybe book a day-trip to some of the closest national parks (like Yosemite, which is in this same list). 

Juneau (Alaska)

  • Average temperatures in August: 10ºC / 17ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: bear and whale watching

Did you know that Juneau is the second of the largest cities in the US in terms of size? This underrated American city has much to offer its visitors. 

For example, if you travel in August, you’ll be able to enjoy activities like bear and whale watching (you can also see orcas!), the Mendenhall Glacier, hiking and salmon fishing. Plus, it’s an ideal area for escaping the summer heat if it’s not your thing. 

Best places to visit in September in USA

An old wagon in Ft Davis, Texas, USA

Flagstaff (Arizona)

  • Average temperatures in September: 6ºC / 23ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: mild weather, fall colors and smaller crowds

Flagstaff is a small town in Arizona, great for a short trip in the fall. You’ll see the leaves change colors, turning the landscape into an autumnal dreamland. Another major upside of staying in Flagstaff is that it’s very close to a few national parks, including the Grand Canyon (which can be easily reached after driving for an hour and a half). Discover all the things to do in Flagstaff on their official website.

Santa Fe (New Mexico)

  • Average temperatures in September: 8ºC / 25ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: Fiesta de Santa Fe, other festivals

Santa Fe is the capital of the state of New Mexico, and the oldest capital in the country. This colorful city is home to some amazing events and festivals, many of which take place in September. Don’t miss the Fiesta de Santa Fe, the most important festival in the city. 

The food is also worth trying, as it will display the best mix of American and Mexican cuisine

Fort Davis (Texas)

  • Average temperatures in September: 13ºC / 26ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: not too hot, good month for events

Fort Davis is a city in Texas located relatively close to the border with Mexico. It’s a place of historic importance: the Fort Davis National Historic Site was created to honor the place where two all-black regiments (the “Buffalo Soldiers”) were stationed during the Civil War. Today, if you go there, you can enjoy historical reenactments and learn more about this time in US history. Other activities you can partake in are hiking, cycling, going to the McDonald Observatory and more

Best places to visit in October in USA

Golden leaves on the ground of a park in Burlington

Orlando (Florida)

  • Average temperatures in October: 20ºC / 29ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: Halloween celebrations in theme parks

The city of Orlando, Florida, is most famous for being the home of some of the most notorious theme parks in the country and the world. They are, of course, open all year long. Then, why should you visit in October? Because it’s Halloween! Everything is on theme in October: the food, the decoration, the performances, etc. 

Another major upside of traveling in October is that the prices will be lower than during the peak season, and the crowds will be smaller (although you can expect them to grow as Halloween nears). 

New York City (New York)

  • Average temperatures in October: 10ºC / 18ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: not so crowded, fall colors

What’s more romantic than New York City in the fall? You could be walking in Central Park admiring the foliage, surrounded by smaller crowds than during other times of the year. The cool weather won’t be an issue if you plan on enjoying the city’s attractions, like museums, festivals, Broadway shows, and the amazing restaurants available in New York. 

Burlington (Vermont)

  • Average temperatures in October: 4ºC / 14ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: the full fall fantasy

Burlington is a gorgeous and quiet city in the state of Vermont. October is the middle of the fall, and when the landscape turns the most beautiful red and gold colors

If you visit Burlington in October, you have to spend a day relaxing by Lake Champlain, admiring the foliage, walking around or tasting some delicious food at Church Street Marketplace. 

Best places to visit in November in USA

Car going through a winery in Sonoma, California, USA

Sonoma (California)

  • Average temperatures in November: 5ºC / 19ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: fall foliage, Cabernet Sauvignon season

Sonoma is one of the best wine destinations in USA and the world. If you visit in this month, you’ll be able to see fall colors everywhere while you enjoy some of the most delicious wines you’ll ever taste (November is the start of the Cabernet Sauvignon season!).

Plus, hiking is a possibility because the weather hasn’t gotten winter-cold (although the mornings and nights will be colder than the middle of the day, so pack layers). 

Page (Arizona)

  • Average temperatures in November: 3ºC / 13ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: mild weather, close to other attractions

Page is a small town in Arizona, whose main attraction is that other famous attractions are nearby. One of them is the Grand Canyon, which you can easily reach with a less-than-an-hour's drive. Other natural sights to take in are Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon. 

Visiting in November means that the weather won’t be very hot and the crowds will be much smaller, allowing you to better enjoy nature.

Everglades National Park (Florida)

  • Average temperatures in November: 19ºC / 27ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: the weather isn’t scorching hot, less mosquitoes

Going to the Everglades is one of the best ways to explore American natural landscapes. November is part of the high season for this national park: the weather is mild (compared to the summer) and mosquitoes, which can be quite a nuisance, aren’t as prevalent. 

Some animals you could spot in the Everglades include manatees, crocodiles, many species of birds and the Florida panther. 

Best places to visit in December in USA

Snow in Lake Tahoe

North Pole (Alaska)

  • Average temperatures in December: -26ºC / -17ºC
  • Why visit at this time of the year: Home of Santa Claus and northern lights 

No, it’s not actually the North Pole, but it is a town in Alaska… with quite polar weather. The town of North Pole comes alive during Christmas: the Santa Claus House is a huge attraction, with souvenirs and delicious sweet treats, and photo opportunities for children. During this season, you can also enjoy the northern lights that paint the night sky in all colors. 

Leavenworth (Washington)

  • Average temperatures in December: -6ºC / 1ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: winter activities

The quaint Bavarian village of Leavenworth is a perfect winter destination, especially if you travel during the Christmas season. On top of winter sports like skiing or snowshoeing, the best thing to do in Leavenworth is to just walk around. This town looks like it belongs in a book, and it also offers visitors the chance to taste traditional Bavarian food

Lake Tahoe (Nevada and California)

  • Average temperatures in December: -2ºC / 7ºC 
  • Why visit at this time of the year: winter sports

Lake Tahoe’s snowy natural landscapes make for the perfect getaway. If you visit at this time of the year, you’ll be able to partake in any and all winter sports you can think of, including the fun snow tubing. Also, this area is famous for its spas, a great addition to any travel itinerary.