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Angola entry requirements: What do you need to travel?

by Catherine Carey | May 16, 2023
map of Angola requirements travel to Angola

If you ever have the opportunity to see Angola, you should definitely grab it. The city of Luanda, Kissama National Park, the Tunda Vala Fissure, Dilolo Lake and the Dala Waterfalls are just some of the incredible sites you have to explore once in Angola. 

What are Angola entry requirements to travel to Angola? What are the visa requirements? What other documents do you need to enter this African country? All you need to know about Angola travel requirements in this article.

Angola entry requirements


You must have and show a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date you enter Angola. 


Angola has the following visa requirements. All foreign citizens, except citizens with Portuguese nationality, must apply for a visa to enter Angola. 

If you are travelling to Angola as a tourist and your nationality allows it, you can apply for an Angola visa. You can check if your nationality allows you to apply for the online visa with our eligibility checker. 

If you need more information on other types of visas you can read all about them in our article How do I get a visa for Angola. There, we talk about visas, passports, borders, and more details to help you travel securely to Angola.

Travel insurance

Although it is not a travel requirement to visit Angola, it is highly recommended to have travel insurance. The health system in Angola is weak and does not come to western standards. If there is any problem, you might require assistance from private clinics that tend to be more expensive. Travel without a worry in your mind with a health and travel insurance that covers any mishaps you might have. 


The official currency of the country is the Angolan Kwanza (Kz).  Although it is always the best to exchange your currency, you can also pay with dollars.

If you pay in dollars, they must be current; old series dollars are not accepted. It's also possible to pay by credit card, especially in restaurants, well-known accommodations and international airlines.

In recent years, a network of cash machines has been installed from which you can withdraw money, although these have been known to run low on cash. They are also difficult to find outside Luanda, the capital of Angola. 

Credit or debit cards aren’t very extended and you will only be able to use them in some hotels and restaurants. There have also been reported cases of card cloning and subsequent fraud, so you must be careful when using them. It is always recommended to have some cash on you.

Luanda city in Angola

Vaccine, health and Covid-19 restrictions

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for all travellers visiting the country and is mandatory if the traveller comes from a country where the disease has not yet been eradicated. 

Tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis, MMR (measles, rubella and mumps), Hepatitis A and polio vaccines are also recommended.

When it comes to Covid-19 restrictions, Angola is one of the countries that still have some restrictions:

  • Anyone arriving in Angola will be required to present a negative PCR test, no older than 48 hours.
  • All arrivals will be tested again upon entry.

We recommend keeping up to date with these measures since they can quickly change before your trip.