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Is Vietnam safe? Security recommendations for travelers

by Juan José Herranz | July 22, 2019
Market in Hanoi in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful destination in Southeast Asia that attracts 15 million tourists a year because of its multiple activities and things to do in Vietnam. Are you thinking of travelling there? Is Vietnam safe? Security is not a problem, it can be said that Vietnam is safe. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take certain precautions.

According to some recent studies, it is considered one of the safest countries in the world. This does not mean that you do not have to take precautions if you travel to Vietnam for rest or work. In fact, with the growth of tourism in recent years, the rate of minor crime has increased. Don't worry with our guidelines and security tips you will see how safe is Vietnam.

Is Vietnam safe to travel?

In general, Vietnam is safe to travel. Street robberies and pickpocketing are not common, but they do occur, so be sure to stay alert on crowded spaces and public transport. Another useful tip is to try to divide the amount of Vietnam currency you have. You can put some in your backpack, in the inner jacket pocket and in your trousers.

It would be best to just use a credit card, leave your cash in a safe place and always carry photocopies of all your Vietnam entry requirements documents and keep the originals in the hotel safe.

Other tips:

  • Make your purchases in safe places. Fake fashion items are very realistic and are sold as if they were original. 
  • On excursions, carry luggage with a padlock and do not take your eyes off it, especially on public transport.
  • Public health is precarious. It is best to travel to Vietnam with medical insurance.
  • There are still unexploded mines and explosives in the center of Vietnam (in areas close to military facilities) and along the border of Laos.
  • When taking a taxi, ensure that the vehicle has a meter (it is more reliable) and check that the driver is driving in the right direction using mobile GPS. Many take advantage of the naivety of travellers and take several unnecessary turns in order to charge more for a trip.

Đường Phạm Ngũ Lão in Vietnam

What should I avoid in Vietnam?

Although Vietnam is safe to visit, it is recommended to act in a preventive manner. For example, when travelling by boat through Hai Phong Bay, it is customary to stop at Cat Ba Island, where the golden-headed Langur monkeys live. Be very careful with these animals, if they bite you, you can catch rabies, or some type of herpes.

Also, traffic is chaotic throughout the country, especially in cities in Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam has one of the highest fatal accident rates on the planet. The best thing to do is rent a car with a driver or move around using public transport. If you have any doubts about transport, you can check our guide on How to travel in Vietnam.

And, finally, it is recommended that you always carry the phone number of your embassy and/or consulate.