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Essential Information: Thailand visa for US citizens

by Catherine Carey | February 7, 2024
Chiang Mai in Thailand

Visiting Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the fantastic islands of Thailand like Phuket are some of the things to do in Thailand waiting for you. Learn all the vital information on how to get a Thailand visa for US citizens and enjoy your trip to this land.

Do US citizens need a visa for Thailand?

US citizens will need a visa for Thailand if they are staying for more than 30 days in the country. To visit Thailand you won’t need a visa if your stay is less than 30 days and for tourism only. 

When you want to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days for tourism, you can choose to apply for the Thailand tourist visa 100% online. With the experts in visa processing of Visgaov, you can choose to apply for two kinds of tourist visas. 

You can choose between a single-entry or multiple-entry visa for Thailand. The first one, allows you to stay once in the country for 60 days, while the second one, you can travel multiple times to Thailand and stay each time for up to 60 days. 

When you stopover in Thailand because your final destination is another country, you will need a transit visa only if you plan to leave the international airport transit area, your connecting flight is in more than 12 hours or your flight is not booked on the same ticket. You can apply for the transit visa fully online. This visa will allow you to enter Tailand one time.

You can check our guide "Thailand visa requirements" to get more information about the business visas and volunteering visas you can get online.

If you need another type of visa you will need to ask your nearest embassy or consulate. 

Thailand visa requirements for US citizens 

Thailand entry requirements are the following:

  • Have a valid passport. This passport must have at least 6 months of remaining validity from the date of entry into the country and one blank passport page.
  • Be vaccinated against yellow fever if arriving from certain countries with yellow fever or have transmitted through one.
  • Fill the visa application form.
  • Have a recent photograph.
  • Have a document proving your current location.

Should you exceed the duration of your visa, penalties will apply. Depending on the duration of the overstay, consequences may include fines, arrest, detention, deportation at personal expense, and a ban on future entry into Thailand. You can check more information about different types of visas and requirements for such visas here

How do I apply for a Thailand tourist visa for US citizens? 

With a simple visa application process, you will be able to enjoy the best things to do in Thailand. You can apply for a Thailand tourist visa for US citizens or a transit visa online by following these steps:

  1. Fill out the Thailand visa application form. Provide all the information as it appears in your valid passport.
  2. Review that the application is complete with accurate information. If you are sure, proceed to make the payment. If any additional documents are required, make sure you have included them during the application process.
  3. You're done! The resolution of your Thailand visa will be sent directly in your email in a few days.

Wat Benchamabophit dusitvanaram Bangkok Thailand

How long does it take to get a Thailand visa for US citizens?

It doesn't take long to get a Thailand visa for US citizens. It's advisable to apply at least one week prior to your departure date. While approvals are often emailed within three days, allowing a week ensures a smooth process.

How much does an Thailand visa cost for US citizens?

The Thailand visa cost for US citizens depends on the type of visa you select:

  • The single-entry tourist visa has a government fee of €45 (approximately $48).
  • The multiple-entry tourist visa has a fee of €224 (approximately $240).
  • The transit visa has a fee of €38 (approximately $41).
  • The single-entry business visa has a fee of €90 (approximately $97).
  • The multiple-entry business visa has a fee of €224 (approximately $240).
  • The volunteer visa has a fee of €90 (approximately $97).

What vaccines do I need to travel to Thailand from the US?

The only mandatory vaccine for Thailand is yellow fever, if you come from a country where the disease is endemic or have had a layover of more than 12 hours in any of those countries. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends being up to date with these vaccines: chickenpox, flu (influenza), polio, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), shingles (herpes zoster), hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, typhoid, COVID-19, and tetanus.

Where is the Thailand Embassy in the US?

The Royal Thai Embassy in the US is in Washington D.C.

Address: 1024 Wisconsin Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 20007

Telephone: 202-944-3600

Where is the US embassy in Thailand?

The U.S. embassy in Thailand is in Bangkok.

Address: 120/22 Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Telephone: +66-2-205-4000

Blue waters in Krabi province in Thailand

What is the time difference between Thailand and the US?

Thailand is 11 hours ahead of Washington D.C. For example, if it is 2 pm in Thailand it is 3 am in the US. 

What is the currency of Thailand and what is the exchange rate to USD?

Thailand’s currency is the Baht (THB), which is then subdivided into 100 satang. In Thailand money can only be issued by the Bank of Thailand. 

There are banknotes of 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1.000 Thai baht. The coins of the currency of Thailand are of 1, 2, 5 and 10 baht, as well as 25 and 50 satangs. 

In Thailand, credit and debit cards are commonly used in urban areas, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls. Nevertheless, you should take some cash to use for small transactions, in markets, and in rural areas. Additionally, travelers can exchange their currency for Thai Baht at banks, exchange booths, and at some hotels. ATMs are also available throughout Thailand.

The exchange rate USD-THB is: 1.00 USD = 35.62 THB

You can check here the current exchange rate for USD to THB.