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Tourism in Kaliningrad: What to see?

by Juan José Herranz | February 2, 2021
houses by a lake in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a city in Russia that would also seem away from Russia. It is situated in the western region of Russia, bordering Poland and Lithuania. In fact, the city wasn’t a part of Russia until World War II, when it was snatched by the Soviet Union from Germany’s rule. Although many tourists have their plans set on Moscow or other famous destinations like St. Petersburg, we urge you to spare some time to see this unique city.

It has an interesting mix of historical, architectural, and modern attractions for you to experience. It is also not crowded, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your vacation at ease. The best time to visit Kaliningrad is during summer, although it doesn’t experience harsh weather conditions throughout the year.

Rybnaya Derevnya in Kaliningrad in Russia

Amber Museum

As the name implies, this is a museum dedicated to a significant collection of amber, a prized mineral of Russia. In addition to samples of amber, there’s also a display of crafts and other items made out of amber.

You will find the museum divided into two sections such as “science” and “history and culture”. The museum building’s architecture is also worth observing because of it is beautiful gothic-style. It’s also considered as a monument of the Second World War. 

Museum of the World Ocean

If you are interested in natural wonders and manmade masterpieces of the marine world, a visit to this museum can quench your thirst for knowledge in many ways. Its diverse range of attractions can easily occupy you for hours. The museum exhibits aquariums, collections of coral and shells, and other interesting specimens from underwater.

It will particularly be interesting for kids as there over 130 marine species on display. Vityaz, the world’s largest research museum vessel is also moored near the main building along with many other ships. However, access to the research centre is only granted with special permission.

Königsberg Cathedral & Immanuel Kant’s Tomb

Another important attraction in Kaliningrad is the Königsberg Cathedral, constructed in the 14th century. The original structure was very different from what you see today as the cathedral has gone through many renovations over the years. The building was destroyed by Soviet Union attacks and its ruins remained until 1992 when it was restored. Gothic architecture can be observed in both the interior and exterior of the building.

The cathedral is also known for being the burial place of the famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant. He is the reason why the cathedral is still surviving today, as locals opposed the government’s plans to demolish it. His tomb is located close to the cathedral for visitors. You can learn more about him and his philosophical contributions from the information displayed at the cathedral.  

Königsberg Cathedral in Kaliningrad

The Brandenburg Gate

As one of the seven gates still in existence in Kaliningrad, the Brandenburg Gate is worth a visit for many reasons. The architecture of the gate with two elaborately designed arches is quite magnificent. But, it’s not just that.

The gate also houses a marzipan museum that details how the particular marzipan variety is produced. Utensils and moulds used to make the sweets are also on display. You can treat yourself to some sweets there!

The Brandenburg Gate is also the only functioning gate in Kaliningrad and belongs to the station nearby. So, once you are done, take a tram ride to explore the city!

Victory Square

Although Victory Square attracted attention only recently, it has always been a representation of the city’s past. There is the victory column situated in the middle to pay tribute to four significant victories achieved by the Russian military. There are also fountains adorning the area. Christ the Savior Church is another noteworthy attraction here.

Surrounding Victory Square are shopping centers and restaurants where you can enjoy shopping for souvenirs and trying delicious food. Overall, Victory Square is a great place for an evening walk.

Fishing Village

The Fishing Village is hardly a traditional fishing village. It’s a modern yet quaint area along the riverbank with hotels, boutiques, cafés, and eateries for visitors to enjoy while admiring the picturesque ambiance. This is the perfect place for you to grab a cup of coffee, watch the scenery of boats floating, and relax!

Most of the buildings are partly constructed out of wood and therefore has a unique architectural charm compared to the rest of the city. You can also pay a visit to the lighthouse there to get stunning views of the River Pregel and Kant Island.

Museum Of The World Ocean in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic Hall

The philharmonic hall is a the cultural center of the city. It is located in an ancient-styled building that used to be a church in the past and it hosts a variety of concerts. You can either watch a concert or book a guided tour to explore the interior of the building

The Curonian Split

The Curonian Split is a 98-km long sand strip between the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. The part of the split that belongs to Russia is declared as a nature reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss the chance of visiting this amazing wonder that’s home to a diverse ecosystem

If you like the idea of hiking, you can also pick a trail and explore the environment on foot. The “Dancing Forest” is an alluring site with twisted pine trees that have many legendary tales to describe their shape. The Split is also a popular stop for migratory birds and there’s a bird observatory as well.