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Cuban Visa or Pink Tourist Card: traveling to Cuba from the US

by Pilar Dujan | Thu 16 Mar 2023
La Habana and a Cuban flag

If you wish to travel to Cuba from the US, you will need to follow certain guidelines to make sure your entrance to the country will be allowed. 

Who can travel to Cuba from the US?

American citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba as long as they follow the rules and regulations established by the US and Cuban governments. 

In terms of the American government, the Office of Foreign Assets Control allowed 12 reasons for visiting Cuba. They include:

  • Family visits
  • Educational or religious activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Official work for the US government
  • Involvement in sporting events or any kind of competition/exhibition
  • Humanitarian projects

Every citizen traveling to Cuba from the United States will need a Cuba tourist visa, a valid passport and health insurance. It is important to check the current regulations before traveling to Cuba to avoid any problems at the border.

What do US citizens need to travel to Cuba?

There are quite a few requirements to travel comfortably in Cuba, but American citizens have their own special procedures due to the particular history between the two countries.

Every tourist wishing to visit Cuba needs:

It is important to keep in mind that, for the most part, US credit and debit cards do not work in Cuba. According to the US government, its citizens need to bring enough dollars for the entire trip in cash, which can then be exchanged into Cuban convertible currency (CUC). This can be done at hotels, airports and exchange houses.

Last but not least, American tourists need to make sure that the reason for their trip falls into one of the 12 categories established by the Department of Treasury that were shared before.

How to get a tourist visa for a trip to Cuba from the US

American citizens will need a Tourist visa (Pink Tourist Card) to visit Cuba. 

The Tourist Card is available for purchase online on our website, or it can be bought in person at the airport. It is not only for people from the US: every tourist needs one before going to Cuba. The online visa cost ranges from about $30 to $50. 

The Pink Tourist Card is specific for American citizens, and it must be acquired in person at a Cuban embassy in the United States. The reason for the trip may change the requirements for the Pink Tourist Card, but they usually involve a letter from a person or organization from Cuba that explains why they wish to visit the country.

And if you wish to travel from Cuba to the US?

Every Cuban citizen wishing to visit the United States needs a visa. It must be purchased in person at the American embassy in Cuba. 

What will they need? The procedure changes according to the kind of visa they wish to get, but it usually involves an in person interview and some documents to verify the reason for the trip. Cuban tourists will also need a valid passport, a photograph and their current email address

Why visit Cuba?

Cuban musicians

Cuba is a very unique country. Its history, its people and natural scenery make it different to the rest of the world. You can visit some amazing natural parks, visit La Havana and learn a lot about Cuban history, or simply get in a car and see everything the island has to offer. 

If you have any doubts or you need any help with your visa, feel free to contact us! We would be glad to help. 

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