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The Azerbaijani Manat: Discover the currency of Azerbaijan

by Elena Escudero | July 25, 2019
Azerbaijan flag

The currency of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Azeri manat (AZN). In the past, the cost of living was calculated based on the price of bread. Although many other factors currently influence it, it is important to know that the price of bread for two people is approximately ман 0.49 (€0.25, $0.29).

You will be interested in knowing the prices of other basic products to get an idea of how much money you will need to spend in the country. For example, 1 litre of milk costs ман 1.83 (€0.95, $1.07), a dozen eggs about ман 2.28 (€1.18, $1.34), a kilogram of tomatoes is about ман 2.45 (€1.27, $1.44), a kilogram of potatoes is ман 1.04 (€0.54, $0.61) and a kilogram of apples is ман 1.48 (0.76€, $0.87).

Is Azerbaijan expensive?

Another important thing is that you know what it costs to go out to eat or drink. In this way, you can bargain for prices when it seems that they do not cost their value. A typical dinner for two should cost about ман 32 (€16.61, $18.86), an international fast food menu costs around ман 8 (€4.15, $4.71), while a set menu with a drink costs about ман 11 (€5.71, $6.48). Coca-Cola can be around ман 1.57 (€0.81, $0.92) for two litres, while good quality red wine costs ман 11 (€5.71, $6.48) for a bottle.

If you are only staying for a short time, you will probably be compensated by using public transport. A litre of gasoline costs around ман 0.95, while a monthly public transport pass costs around ман 27 (€14, $16). You can go almost anywhere using public transport. In case you have to take a taxi, one kilometre can cost you up to 1 AZN. The prices of the tickets are always going to be more certain than private transport.

buses and cars in Azerbaijan

What is the best currency to take to Azerbaijan?

You must know the coins and the banknotes well. So, it will be easy for you to adapt to paying with cash. In addition, you can set your own rates to catalogue the prices for each service to see if you have to bargain. Two cinema tickets are worth about ман 14 (€7.26, $8.25), a coffee in the expensive area of ман 5.50 (€2.85, $3.24) and a half a pint of beer in a neighbourhood ман 3.91 (€2.02, $2.30). Try to always carry cash taking into account the activity you are going to do: you may not be able to use card.

Azerbaijan bank note of 50 mah

The most difficult thing about calculating the money you have to carry is differentiating between coins. You can help yourself by differentiating them by size, colour and the theme of their image.

While the coin with a value of 1 is decorated with musical instruments, the one with a value of 3 has books and the one with a value of 5 has architecture. The three previous coins are reddish, but the 10 and the 20 ones are golden.

The theme of the 10 coin is the Karabakh and the one of the 20 coin is education, symbolised by spiral staircases. Finally, the 50 coin is easily identifiable because it is golden in the centre and has a silver border.