Georgia Visa

eVisa Details
Visa type
Validity up to
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
Multiple entry (up to 30-90 days of stay)
90 Days
Multiple entries: Yes
Service fee: 32 USD
Visa fees: 22 USD

Application temporarily unavailable

The government of this country does not currently allow this procedure to be carried out online. Please contact your nearest embassy for more information.

How to get a Georgia Visa

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Prepare your passport and fill out our simple online application form in less than 5 minutes.

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Requirements for Georgia eVisa

To get a visa to Georgia you need the following things to be able to apply:

- Copy of valid passport
- Photograph
- Email to receive your approved e-visa
- Bank card to pay the fee

This is the documentation you will need to attach to apply for the Georgia eVisa, but you should note that it is mandatory to travel to the country with travel insurance.

If you are missing any of these documents, your application will be saved so that you can complete it later.

Note that, depending on your nationality, the visa may allow you a maximum stay in the country of 30 or 90 days.

Visagov has simplified the electronic application for the travel authorization to Georgia to minimize the chances of rejection due to processing errors.

Once you receive your authorization by email, you will need to print it out and present it at the country entrance together with your passport.

Do you need more information? See our complete guide: How to get a visa for Georgia

Georgia eVisa Application

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The Georgia eVisa is an electronic visa that facilitates the processing of such document and allows you to travel to the country in an easier way.
The eVisa or electronic visa is only for short-term travel.
The Georgia eVisa allows you to stay in the country for 30 to 90 days, depending on your nationality.
The e-visa is valid for 120 to 180 days from the time the approved visa arrives. The difference in days varies depending on the nationality of the applicant.
Yes, after receiving your e-visa through your mail, you must print it and keep it for the duration of your stay in Georgia.
The decision on the Georgia visa issuance takes approximately 5 working days after submitting the application.
All foreign citizens traveling to the country for a short period can apply for an e-Visa, provided that their country is eligible for such purpose.
No, you do not need to apply for a Georgia eVisa if you do not plan to leave the transit zone.
With Visagov you can process your eVisa in your language, but the government authorities will process it in English, therefore, the resolution of the eVisa will be in English.
No, it is not possible to modify an e-Visa once it has been submitted. If you have made a mistake you must reapply for a new application.
The government fee for this e-Visa is 22 dollars. The processing fee must be added to this price.
No, it is not necessary. It is possible to pay with someone else's credit card.
The only documentation required is a valid passport, a photo and a credit/debit card.
The Georgian government authorities may request that you present the following documents upon entry:

- Passport valid for at least 3 months.
- Document justifying the purpose of your trip.
- Documents justifying your accommodation.
- Travel medical insurance (mandatory).
- Documents proving that the applicant has sufficient means of subsistence.

Check your eligibility

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Georgia e Visa: More information

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has implemented the electronic visa (eVisa) for all foreign citizens who wish to travel to the country for a short period of time (not exceeding 90 days), and for whom the purpose of their trip is tourism or any other non-remunerated activity in the country.

Applying for an evisa (electronic visa) through has many advantages. It is not necessary to make an appointment or go to the Embassy or Consular Office.

You must complete the e-visa application form with true and correct information. You must not omit or falsify any information requested. Any intentional or unintentional mistake may cause your e-visa to be denied and your entry into the country will not be allowed. The immigration department always has the final decision, and may enforce its right of admission.