Tanzania Travel Visa

eVisa Details
Maximum stay per entry
Multiple entries
Service fee
Government fee
Ordinary Visa
Validity: 90 days after entry
Maximum stay per entry: 90 days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 32 USD
Government fee: 51 USD
Multiple Entry Visa
Validity: 1 year after entry
Maximum stay per entry: 90 days
Multiple entries: Yes
Service fee: 32 USD
Government fee: 102 USD

Tanzania eVisa application process

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Requirements for Tanzania Travel Visa

To apply for a Tanzania Travel Visa, you must have the following information available:

  • Valid passport
  • Flight proof
  • Bank card to pay the visa fee
  • Email to receive the documents

If you are missing any of these documents, we will save your Tanzania visa application so that you can complete it later.

If you process your application with Visagov, you will see that the process is quick and easy. The form for the Tanzania evisa is simplified and in your language for your convenience, and to minimize the risk of error, which consequently avoids the likelihood of rejection.

The entire application process is carried out online, without the need to travel and without wasting time waiting.

Once you receive the approved Tanzania eVisa, you must print it before your trip, and present it together with your passport upon arrival in the country.

Do you need more information on the Tanzania evisa? See our complete guide: How to get a visa for Tanzania

Tanzania eVisa Application

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The eVisa is the electronic visa that countries make available to travelers to facilitate the processing of visas.
When you arrive in Tanzania you will need to present your entry visa (approved prior to your trip), along with your original passport.
Depending on the visa you need to apply for, you will need to present different documentation. For ordinary e-visas, only your valid passport and proof of flight for your trip are required.
Yes, all foreign nationals need a visa or travel authorization to access Tanzania.
There are different types of visas, with different validity periods. The ordinary e-visa (the most common for tourist travel) is valid for 90 days from approval.
The maximum period of time you can stay in the country with an e-visa is 90 days.
E-visas for Tanzania are applied for online. All other visas must be processed at the Tanzanian embassy nearest to your place of residence.
There are different fees for Tanzania visas. Depending on which type of tourist visa for Tanzania you apply for, you will be charged different government fees.
For Tanzania the ordinary visa has a fee of 50 euros.
You have to send in your Tanzania travel visa application at least 20 or 25 days before your flight. The average processing time for the Tanzania eVisa is 10 days, so you need to leave enough time to work around any unexpected issues.
No. The transit visa must be applied for if you are traveling to Tanzania only as a stopover to your final destination.
There are 3 international airports through which you can enter Tanzania with a visa:

- Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA)
- Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA)
- Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA)
The Tanzania entry requirements are: having a passport with 6 months validity from the start of the trip and a blank page, providing proof of having received a yellow fever vaccine if you come from a country where the disease is present, and having an approved eVisa Tanzania.


Do you need an eVisa for Tanzania?
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Tanzania Visa: More information

Any person with foreign nationality who wishes to travel to Tanzania must apply for a tourist visa in any of its versions. Depending on your travel needs, you will have to process one visa for Tanzania or another.

All visitors from an eligible country that wish to apply for an eVisa Tanzania will be able to do it online, without the need to travel to an embassy before.

The Tanzania e visa (ordinary electronic Tanzania visa) has a validity of stay in the country of 90 days maximum. The Tanzania multiple entry visa has the same validity as the previous one, but offers the possibility of entering and leaving the country while it is in force.

To apply for any type of Tanzania eVisa, you must provide all the information requested by the government. Lying or omitting relevant information will result in the denial of the visa, and as a consequence, not being able to travel to the country.

The government reserves the right of admission even if you have an approved Tanzania eVisa. If the authorities consider that the person traveling to Tanzania represents a threat to the security or interests of the country, they may refuse entry.