Canada ETA

ETA Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
eTA for 6 months
Duration: 5 Years
Multiple entries: Yes
Service fee: 29 USD
Visa fees: 7 CAD
≈ 7 USD

How to get ETA Visa for Canada

Complete online application

Prepare your passport and fill out our simple online application form in less than 5 minutes.

Receive your travel visa

You'll get the document on your email in a couple of days. No need to go anywhere!

Start your journey

Get ready to go! Print the document we send you and show it with your passport upon arrival.

Canada ETA Visa Requirements

If you are citizen of eligible country, you need only three things to apply for ETA Canada:
- passport
- email to receive the approved document
- payment card to pay the visa fees

If you are missing any of the documents or details, your application will be saved so you can complete it later.

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization application on Visagov is simplified, it's made to minimize chances of rejection due to mistakes and takes 5 minutes to complete.

Canada ETA is completely online, but we still advice you to print it before your trip.
Application for online e-Visa for Canada

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It costs 36 USD including your personal travel authorization for Canada and all Visagov services such as 24/7 customer service and a full revision of your eTA before submitting.

Once you’ve applied and everything is correct, your eTA will be directly linked to your passport so it’s not mandatory to print it out. However, they may ask you for the document upon arrival so we always recommend to print it out and carry it with you.

It’s valid for 5 years or until the expiring date of the passport. It allows you to stay in the country up to 180 days and enter multiple times.

You can stay up to 6 months every time you travel to Canada as long as your eTA is valid (5 years or expiring date of the passport)

No, Canadian ETA is requested only if you are traveling by air. You will need to have your valid passport and a visa depending on your national passport.

Canadian ETA is only valid for tourism or business, it does not give any rights to work in Canada. In case you want to work and get paid in Canada, you will have to claim for a work visa.

A Canadian ETA is an online travel authorization automatically linked to the passport of travelers holding a passport from a visa-exempt country. You only fill out an easy online application form in order to receive it while a visa needs a visit to the embassy or consulate and takes more time to get it.

You just need to fill out our easy and simple form, make the payment and your eTA will be directly linked to your passport. You will receive an email with the approval as well as a link to check the status of your Canadian ETA. Once it’s approved you will be able to download the approval document. Even if the authorization is linked with the personal passport we always recommend to print it out.

Prepare your valid passport, your email address and a valid debit or credit card in order to proceed with the payment.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to a tracker. Follow that link and you will be able to check the status. If it’s approved, you will be able to download it and print it out.

Depending on your passport and the way you arrive in Canada. If you are an ESTA holding traveler crossing the border from US to Canada by land or water, you will be asked only for your passport (if it’s also from a visa-exempt country). However, bear in mind ETA Canada and ESTA are not the same travel authorization so if you are traveling to Canada from USA by air, you will be asked for an ETA as well.

If you are a foreigner arriving in Canada by, you will be asked for a travel authorization or visa at the border. If you hold a passport from a visa-exempt country and planning to travel to Canada for tourism or business, the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is the easiest and fastest way to cross the border. You just need to fill out our simple form, make the payment and you will get it.

Yes, it’s valid for a period of 5 years (or the expiring date of your passport), allowing multiple entries up to 6 months each.

Check your eligibility

Do you need ETA for Canada?
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Yes, you are eligible for ETA Canada!
You cannot apply for ETA.
We are sorry, you have to apply at the embassy.

ETA Canada: More information

Same as majority of countries, also Canada requires its visitors to apply for visa before arriving. However, citizens of selected countries can apply for simple online ETA Canada authorization to avoid visiting the Canadian embassy. ETA Canada allows multiple visits for 5 years (or until the end of validity of your passport), each visit for maximum of 6 months. Only tourism or business stays are allowed, not working or studying.

Please note that every government reserves the right to deny the entry into the country despite having approved visa. Each traveler will be processed individually upon their arrival by the immigration officer at the airport, port or border. However, this occurs mostly due to the fact the person poses a threat to security or national interests.