Tourist Visa

What is a tourist visa

Tourist visa is a travel document allowing you to visit and travel within a foreign country for a leisure purpose. Usually you are also allowed to participate at a business meeting or conference using only this visa. To work, study, or start a company, you are required to apply for specific working or study visa.

Despite these common things, every country has its own rules and type types of visa. In certain conditions you are not even required to apply for the tourist visa to visit the country as a tourist, you only need to register online (e.g.: ESTA for USA, ETA for Canada), or you can travel freely (e.g.: Schengen area). Also each country has its own types of the tourist visa that may allow only one short stay for few days, to visas enabling you to stay for more than half a year and even visit the destination multiple times.

Sometimes it may be difficult to compare different types of visas and know their requirements for each country. The goal of Visagov is to make it easier for you to choose the right one and apply for it fast and easy.

How to get a tourist visa?

Applying for a tourist visa varies country by country. Until recently you had to travel to the embassy in the capital of your country, often even twice, which took lot of time and money. Fortunately, many governments implement the eVisa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system which moves the whole application and approval process online to save time and to reduce the involved bureaucracy. Thanks to this, in many cases it's enough to only complete single online form, upload a passport and you will have the tourist visa approved in few days.

It's easy, just choose your destination on our website, see the requirements and check your eligibility. After that it's just one form and you will get your tourist visa in few days.

How much is a tourist visa?

This also depends on a country you are traveling to, and the type of visa you choose. There are some types that are free, but some can cost well over 100 EUR/USD. Please choose the country you plan to visit in the section below and see the visa options and their prices. If the country offers more types of the visa, the golden rule is the more days you can stay, the more expensive. We also charge a processing fee which covers the handling of the visa, communication with the government and 24/7 assistance. You can also purchase the express visa which are processed in just couple of hours, but the price is slightly higher.