Coronavirus: Tourism destinations with low level of cases

by Cristóbal Manjón | March 17, 2020
beach with blue skies and palm trees

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism sector has been affected. Travellers have stopped their adventures as the Covid-19 outbreak is spreading globally. Of course, the situation is complicated, more and more cases are being reported and we must take care of each other. However, this happening will not last forever and you can still make your dreams come true! Besides, summer is just around the corner so don’t wait longer to begin with  your travel plans!

Aren’t you dreaming about a coconut paradise? Enjoying the sun, the sand, the sea… Do you love hiking in the most beautiful natural parks? Or walk around a new big city? You’re lucky then! There are a lot of spots where coronavirus hasn’t been affecting as much and they’re open to travellers. The following list has the best places to travel to at the moment:


From huge waterfalls to wild safaris, this African country has a variety of options! Make sure you have all the requested travel documents prepared as well as your e-visa for Zimbabwe before packing for this wild trip. If you close your eyes, you might picture a safari or just a bunch of wild animals such as zebras or elephants. That's right. Hwange is one of the National Parks in the country, and it's famous for being the host of one of the most famous sanctuaries of elephants.

Last but not least, one of the must-visit places not to forget: The Victoria Falls. This iconic waterfall is located on the border with Zambia, along the river Zambezi and it's not far from Botswana, so it makes this as a perfect stop while travelling through these countries.

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


If you love hiking, The Isalo National Park is one of the must-visit places in Madagascar. There are plenty of walking routes where you can enjoy its astonish landscape, the paths next to small waterfalls and get to know the wildlife of the country. Another place for hikers and nature lovers is the Tsingy Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. It was declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1990 because it’s forests and fauna of birds, lemurs and other wild animals. 

Not far from the Tsingy Bemaraha you can find The Avenue of the Baobabs. It’s a 260m long road surrounded by these giant trees that are almost 3000 years old and make the world biggest concentration of Baobabs in the world. Don’t forget to sightsee the chaotic Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. You can start from the top of the city, visit the Royal palace of Rova and enjoy the view of the city. Then you can go down to the Anasoy Lake before going back home. 


Temples and Pagodas are the icons that usually attract travellers to this country. They're breathtaking arquitectonic constructions and The Temples of Bagan are the best example. They are considered one of most impresive ones in Asia. The Ananda, Dhammayan or the temple of Sulamani are only a few of the 2000 temples that you can discover in Bagan.

Depending on how you organize your trip and if your flight arrives or departs from Yangon, then go also sightseeing around the former capital of the country. The touristic spots of the city are downtown so it's easy to walk from one to another. Yangon also hosts some of the most famous temples and pagodas: Shwedagon, Sule and also Chauk Htat Gyi and the Pagoda Nga Htat Gyique. If you want to rest for a while after travelling around Myanmar then Ngapali will be your place. It's a fantastic 3 kilometers beach with white sand and crystaline water. Just sit down and relax while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets.

young monks in Myanmar


One of the most exclusive places in Barbados with also that typical postcard view is the Carlisle bay. It's located in Bridgetown, the capital of the country. The palm trees, the crystalline water and white sand conquers everybody's heart. You can enjoy a nice drink (if you like alcohol, don't forget to try the Rum) and just relax in any of their hammocks.

If you want to visit the internal part of the island, don't miss Harrison's Cave. You can hike in the natural trails surrounding the cavern and then hop on their exclusive tram and discover the secrets that are hidden inside. Don't leave the island without tasting their native cuisine and feel the African influence. If you love seafood, try the Flying fish with Cou Cou and if you love tropical fruits don't miss the mammy-apples.

Tips to travel safely during the coronavirus outbreak

We want to give you some health tips to maintain at the airports and during your whole journey: 

  • The WHO advices to wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face and eyes.
  • Reduce physical contact with other people.
  • Use paper tissues when cleaning your nose and throw them away.
  • Don't forget to keep updated with the latest information of your homeland and destination country.