Bahrain eVisa

eVisa Details
Visa type
Multiple entries
Service fee
Visa fees
Visit eVisa (Multiple entries, 1 month of stay)
Validity: 90 Days
Multiple entries: Yes
Service fee: 29 USD
Visa fees: 70 USD
Visit - Single entry (Single entry, 2 weeks of stay)
Validity: 90 Days
Multiple entries: No
Service fee: 29 USD
Visa fees: 22 USD

How to get a Visa for Bahrain

Complete online application

Prepare your passport and fill in our simple online form in less than 5 minutes

Receive your travel visa

We will send you your approved visitor's visa in a couple of days - without you having to go anywhere!

Start your journey

Show your passport and the visitor’s visa that we will send you when you arrive in Bahrain.

Visa Requirements for Bahrain

To process the Visit eVisa (electronic visitor's visa) of Bahrain, you will only need the following documentation:

- A copy of your passport
- Return air tickets
- Proof of accommodation in Bahrain
- An email address to receive your visa
- A bank card to pay

For the Formula 1 visa, you will need the same documentation, but you can only apply for this visa if you have a grand prize ticket.

If you are missing any of these items, your application will be saved so that you can complete it at a later stage.

The online Bahrain visa application form is managed online, without going to an embassy or consulate. The visa application has been simplified on Visagov to facilitate processing and minimise the possibility of error.

Please print out your visa and present it on arrival in Bahrain.

Do you need more information? See our complete guide: How to get a visa for Bahrain

Application for online e-Visa for Bahrain

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The visa application will take no more than 5 minutes. However, the approval of the application is not immediate. It takes between 5 and 7 working days.

In order to apply online, you must have an ordinary passport with a validity period of more than six months from your arrival date, and a return ticket. Depending on your nationality, you may also have to submit your hotel reservation and a bank statement stamped. Once you start the application process, you will be shown a list of the required documents.

You can apply online at

The price of the e-visa for Bahrain depends on the type of visa you select. The single-entry, which is a 2-week visa, costs 51€; and the multi-entry which is a 1-month visa costs 99€.

You must present your original passport and your e-visa together with your printed proof of payment.

All travelers need a valid visa to travel to Bahrain, except citizens of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
You can use our eligibility checker to see if you need a visa to visit bahrain.

Yes, you need to bring your printed visa and present it together with your original passport.

This depends on the type of e-Visa you select when you apply. You may apply for a single entry visa which allows a stay of up to 2 weeks, or a multi-entry visa, valid for 3 months from the first entry, which allows for multiple stays of 30 days per entry.

You do not need to attach any vaccination certificates to your application.

You can enter Bahrain multiple times, but only with the Multi-entry e-Visa, as it is valid for 3 months from the date of entry; however, you cannot exceed 30 days of maximum stay on each visit.

Check your eligibility

Do you need an eVisa for Bahrain?
Use our eligibility checker to find out if you match with the requirements.
Yes, you are eligible for eVisa Bahrain!
You cannot apply for eVisa.
We are sorry, you have to apply at the embassy.

Visa Bahrain: More information

The Bahrain eVisa can be requested for 15 days with a single entry, or for 30 days or 1 year with multiple entries. There is a maximum stay of 90 days per entry.

The Formula 1 visa is valid for 30 days, with a maximum stay in the country of 14 days. It is not possible to enter the country with this visa if you do not have an entry for the Grand Prix.

The Bahrain immigration authorities reserve the right to refuse entry to any foreign citizen who may represent a threat to the security or interests of the country.