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How to travel to Tanzania: Forms of transportation and tips

by Visagov | November 3, 2022
Sailing boat through a beautiful sunrise on the coast of Tanzania how to travel tanzania

Tanzania is an African paradise, it is the land of safari travel. There are plenty of places in Tanzania to visit and see animals in the wild; elephants, wildebeest and hippos. In this magnificent country there are also hundreds of kilometers of beautiful white sandy beaches.

If you prefer something more active, you could go trekking to see Mount Kilimanjaro. This is Africa’s tallest mountain and stands at 5895 m. Its snowy peak and the magnificent views over the plains will captivate travelers. If you’re planning to travel to Tanzania and you're wondering what's the best way of getting around Tanzania, this article will tell you more about transport in this amazing country.

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How to travel to Tanzania: Airport Transfers


When you research how to travel to Tanzania, you'll see that you'll likely arrive at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, where you'll be able to find a taxi relatively easily from in front of the Terminal 2 building. The price for a taxi from the airport to the city center is 45,000 TZS, however, taxis in Tanzania don't usually have meters, so unless you are carrying one, try to negotiate the closed fare before setting off. 

But getting to Tanzania could mean you might arrive to another airport, located in the northern part of Tanzania, called Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) which is close to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. You can get a taxi from outside the terminal building. Again, remember to negotiate the price before you set off. 

Getting around Tanzania 


In Dar-es-Salaam, the government introduced the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which has designated bus lanes where buses can travel easily throughout the city. The BRT has several lines around the city and the fare is 200 Tanzanian Shillings. 

Dalla Dalla 

In towns and cities around Tanzania, the dalla dalla are small minibuses that run as local buses. They are very popular, therefore crowded. They operate on fixed routes and the driver can stop to drop-off and pick up passengers anywhere along the way. The fares for these buses vary depending on the route, but they are usually 300 to 600 TSH.


If you are more adventurous, another option for getting around Tanzania is to take a motorbike taxi, which is locally known as boda boda. These motorbike taxis are a very cheap and fast way to get around, but drivers often don’t have helmets for passengers and drive quite chaotically, so travel at your own risk! 

red terrain in a prairie with mountains and clouds


If you’re a bit short on time during your trip to Tanzania, then a good option is for you to take a domestic flight. If you want to go on safari in Tanzania or visit Mount Kilimanjaro, or Zanzibar, Arusha airport is the best place to fly to. Prices vary depending on the airline. There are a few companies to choose from:

  • Coastal Aviation
  • Air Tanzania
  • Regional Air
  • Safari Airlink
  • Precision Air
  • Fastjet
  • Auric Air
  • As Salaam Air
  • ZanAir


If you are an adventurous and independent traveler, an option to travel around Tanzania is to rent a four wheel drive vehicle. Ensure you rent the car from a reputable travel agency and that insurance is included. 

The cost of renting a 4x4 is around US$150 a day, but bear in mind that Insurance is extra, and it can be around US$30 to US$50 per day for a driver. 

Make sure you carry all the necessary documents you’ll need to rent the car, as well as those you'll need to meet the Tanzania entry requirements.

Renting a 4x4 can be fun and you can reach remote areas that wouldn't be accessible otherwise, but watch out for dangerous unpaved roads and also crime on the roads. 


Another way to travel around Tanzania is to take a train, although the rails can be unreliable in the country. The Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) has a luxury passenger train from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma. The scenery is stunning and trains are comfortable and food is good, but you can face long delays when traveling by train. 


Are considering staying in Zanzibar and wondering how to travel to Tanzania if you needed to? If you are in the Zanzibar or Pemba region you can get a ferry to explore the archipelago. All tickets must be paid in USD. If you want to take a ferry or any kind of boat it is best to travel during the day and only travel if the weather is good. You can also catch a traditional dhow cruise to explore the waters. 

Tips to travel in Tanzania 

  • Make sure you have change if you want to take local transport as you will have to pay the exact fare and drivers might not have change. 
  • Do your research if you want to book a safari, as Tanzania can sometimes be expensive, take time to find the right company for you. 
  • When out in the wild in Tanzania make sure you listen to your guide´s advice and don’t irritate the animals as they are wild and unpredictable. 
  • If you travel by bus between Tanzania and another country, bear in mind that the cost of your visa is not included in the bus ticket. 
  • Stay on top of the weather to figure out the best time to go to Tanzania according to your interests.