Best destinations for adventure travel

by Visagov | April 17, 2020
people in the mountains trekking

Whether you go on a weekend escape to the mountains or hop on a plane headed to a remote pacific island, travelling is in its essence always an adventure. That being said, some trips offer a little more excitement than others when it comes to getting out of the comfort zone and creating memories that are far from the ordinary.

When it comes to getting that adrenaline rush that most adventure travellers seek in their experiences, some might find it while climbing an active volcano in Costa Rica or exploring the Amazon rainforest for days. For some others, the rush might come from trying as many different foods as possible or sorting out language barriers in a busy market in Vietnam. Whichever your case is, we have prepared a list of the best destinations for adventure travel.

Non-stop adventure in Vietnam

If you’re looking for an intense mix of cultural cities and stunning natural beauty, Vietnam is the ultimate destination for your adventure trip. The country’s geography offers a stunning variety of landscapes which, combined with its fascinating history, unique gastronomy and friendly people, make of this Southeast Asian country a top-rated adventure travel destination

Its busy cities filled with life, traffic, and street food will tick all your boxes and challenge your inner adventurer! From Ha Long Bay in the north to Ho Chi Minh in the south, Vietnam has many places for you to explore

woman in foggy mountains in Vietnam

Canada, the safest country for adventure travel

Canada’s 6 time zones offer more than you could ever do in a 2 years’ time. Its low population density makes it one of the greenest territories on earth and one of the safest countries in the world.

From the spectacular Rocky Mountains to its stunning coastline, you’ll love exploring some of its 45 national parks. From East to West, you’ll be able to spot polar bears, go whale watching, hike, and explore some of the most iconic landscapes in North America. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to see the northern lights! 

If you’re trying to stay away from buzzing and crowded destinations and you love adventure, Canada will most likely meet your expectations.

Africa’s most underrated adventure travel destination: Zambia

Being one of Africa’s most underrated destinations, Zambia offers what most adventure travelers seek in Africa: authenticity and isolation from big crowds of tourists. Whether your dream is to spot Africa’s big five in the wild or to explore vast deserts and landscapes, Zambia’s breathtaking canyons, burning deserts and lots of wildlife will steal your heart.

Its more than 70 tribes added to its valuable cultural heritage and uniqueness, make of Zambia the ultimate destination for an African adventure experience. Additionally, you will love it there due to its political stability, affordability, and developed infrastructures.

giraffe drinking water in Zambia

Explore the unexplored in New Zealand 

Although New Zealand might not be the ideal destination for those adventure traveling on a tight budget, it has some of the world’s most remote landscapes. After all, it was selected as the location of The Lord of the Rings. Its unique ecosystems and remote corners make it one of the best natural adventure destinations on earth. 

Most people that have been to New Zealand describe its landscapes as unreal, and the truth is that you have to see it for yourself to understand how magnificent its mountains, glaciers, lakes, and forests are. Jump on a campervan and travel across nature on one of the greatest adventures of your life. Added to its natural beauty, New Zealanders are some of the nicest people on the planet and their country offers accessibility and safety to those looking for adventure travel and extreme sports. 

The best adventure travel of both worlds: Costa Rica

Looking for a place to explore rainforests, discover desert beaches, climb active volcanoes and spot tropical wildlife? Costa Rica has them all and its small size make it very accessible and easy to move around. On top of that, it was rated the happiest country in the word! 

Its unique position between North and South America make it a kaleidoscope of culture, nature and wildlife. Comprising 5% of the total biodiversity of our planet, Costa Rica is an explosion of color and life, an absolute paradise for nature lovers. Home of some of the planet’s greatest volcanoes, this is where you can actually climb an active one, the Arenales Volcano. Have you ever seen lava coming out of a volcano with your own eyes? 

The ultimate adventure travel destination: Australia 

With one of the lowest population densities in the world, Australia is the adventure travel destination by excellence. It's more than 48.000 kilometers of coastline offer some of the best beaches on earth and the opportunity to witness some of the planet’s unique ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia’s unbelievably diverse landscapes, fauna, and flora offer the perfect combination to see wild animals in their natural habitat by yourself. Besides, Australia’s urban areas rank as some of the world’s best cities to live in. Surf, hike, climb, swim, fly, dive, and star gaze in a country that has everything you could ever look for in an adventure trip.