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When is the best time to travel to Mexico?

by Alexandra Walter | November 17, 2022
Mexican festival in the streets

Mexico is a country with a lot of contrasting landscapes, from white sandy beaches, to parched deserts, tropical forests and snowy volcanoes. The weather in Mexico can be equally as varied depending on which area you are in. 

If you want to travel to Mexico and find out about the climate and seasonal weather, then this article can help you decide where and when  you should travel to Mexico. 

This country has many places to discover, and in this article we want to help you decide what to include in your trip. 

General climate in Mexico

Mexico's climate is very varied and can change depending on the season and the region due to the latitude and altitude. The Tropic of Cancer crosses the country and splits the country into different climate zones. In the north the climate is cooler and drier while in the south it is more tropical, hot and humid. 

Depending on the season, different areas of Mexico might be ideal for you to visit. In this article we tell you all about the different seasons and what you can see and do in Mexico. 

When is the best time to visit?

The high season in Mexico is from December to April with temperatures usually around 24° C. The weather is drier so it can be very pleasant. These are the driest months in Mexico. 

Christmas and Easter are school holidays in Mexico so accommodation and transportation can be expensive during this time. 

Another option if you don’t want to go to the main tourist areas, is to visit Mexico's capital, Mexico City, where the temperature usually stays above 23° C. December is the driest month and September is the wettest month

The low season in Mexico is in May and June and temperatures rise, so it is a good time to visit the Riviera Maya because the rains have not yet started and it can be more economical. 

In July and August is still hot and there is more atmosphere in tourist areas and you can find a huge range of activities. 

A quiet time to enjoy empty beaches can be during the months of September to November as school season is back. Although Mexico can experience hurricanes and storms during this time, they are not usually very destructive.

During the rainy season you can also take the opportunity to travel to other cities such as the Huasteca Potosina, Puebla or Chiapas, as the rivers and lakes fill up and turn the region green.

Best festivals and events

Day of the dead Mexico girl costume cathedral

Independence Day 

September 16th is the celebration of Mexico’s independence from the Spanish crown since 1812.  On this day, the whole country dresses up to celebrate. There are street parties full of Mexican flags and plenty of tequila and pozole, a typical Mexican dish of chili with meat. 

Day of the Dead 

This is one of the best known festivals in Mexico and it is celebrated between October 31st and November 2nd. Mexican families gather to remember and honor their dead with colorful altars and decorations of skulls and papel picado. In the Oaxaca region this festival is highlighted as very traditional. 

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico and she is honored on December 12th, but there are several days of parades, fireworks and bullfights. Catholic mass is also held on this day. Even if you are not a practicing Catholic, you can still take part in this celebration, which is very popular among Mexicans. 

Cinco de Mayo 

The fifth of May is a day that commemorates the battle in which Mexican troops beat French troops in 1862. Although it is commemorated in Mexico, it is more celebrated by Mexican diasporas in other countries such as the USA. 

Tajin Summit 

In the archeological ruins of the sacred city of El Tajin, sacred rituals and ceremonies are celebrated, as well as artistic workshops and exhibitions. In this festival you will be immersed in pre-Columbian culture and feel the mysticism of a highly spiritual land. 

What to pack and tips 

  • If you are travelling during hurricane season it would be useful to bring a light waterproof jacket to protect you from the rain while sightseeing in Mexico. 
  • Public restrooms in Mexico do not usually have toilet paper so it might be a good idea to bring a roll or some paper tissues in case you are away from your accommodation. 
  • There is little risk of malaria in Mexico, but insect bites can be annoying, so you should carry insect repellent.
  • Your outfits will really depend on where in Mexico you're heading to; for example if you’re staying at a resort make sure you bring your best swimming costume and some formal evening wear for dinner and entertainment. If you’re going hiking make sure your shoes are good.