FITUR in Madrid: The biggest tourism fair in the world

by Pilar Dujan | January 29, 2024
Gran Via in Madrid

The 44th Feria Internacional de Turismo (FITUR, International Tourism Fair), took place last week in Madrid. 

The fair was a huge success: over 250.000 people walked through its halls during its five days, almost 100.000 of which were part of the public. These numbers represent a 13,7% increase in attendance compared to last year. 

The fair itself was also bigger than last year, with one more exhibition hall compared to 2023, and more than 150 countries participating. Also, there were 9.000 companies involved, and 96 official international delegations in attendance, 20 more than in the previous year. 

Some notable attendants include Spain’s King and Queen Felipe and Letizia, Ecuador’s president Daniel Noboa, Spanish president Pedro Sánchez, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Tourism, and us!

On top of being a great source of income for Madrid, FITUR served as a prime example of the amazing comeback experienced by the global tourism industry after the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the relationships forged between the participating countries and companies, the tourism industry is expected to bounce back even harder and keep breaking records across the globe.