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How to get a visa for Oman: A detailed guide for tourists

by Juan José Herranz | November 18, 2020
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Oman is a country in the Middle East, located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is a country open to the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, where the capital Muscat is located. Oman is home to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the most important and most visited mosque in the Sultanate of Oman.

Covering an area of 309,501 sq. km, it is one of the few remaining wildlife refuges on the peninsula. It is home to animals such as the white oryx, the Arabian leopard, and countless migratory birds.

Do I need a visa to travel to Oman?

Yes, if you wish to travel to Oman and you are not from the United Arab Emirates, then you must apply for an official visa to visit Oman. The most common visa is type 26 for tourism and allows a stay of 10 and 30 days on a single entry.

If you have any doubts about the specific situation for your nationality, you can check your eligibility

Types of visas for Oman

Before applying for a visa, you must be clear about how many days you will be in the country for and what the reason for your visit is. There are 4 types of visas, and within each category, there are several subtypes:

Visas for sponsored and non-sponsored residents

Type 1

Employment visa, allowing residence in Oman for a sponsored worker.

  • Sub-type 1A, STDCOR worker visa.
  • Sub-type 1B, STDINV worker visa.
  • Sub-type 1C, STDGOV worker visa.
  • Sub-type 1J, STDGVTNM worker visa.
  • Subtype 1D, STDCOM worker visa.
  • Subtype 1O, Visa for STDINVOMN worker.
  • Subtype 1E, Visa for worker DOMNV.
  • Subtype 1F, Visa for worker DOMGVT.
  • Sub-type 1K, Visa for worker DOMGVTNM.
  • Sub-type 1H, Visa for worker DOMOFF.
  • Subtype 1I, Work visa at the Embassy.
  • Sub-type 1M, no commercial fee.
  • Sub-type 1N.
  • Sub-type 1G, Visa for worker DOMSOF.
  • Sub-type 1P, Visa for STDINVFOR worker.
  • Sub-type 1Q, no fee or MOCS.
  • Sub-type 1R, Visa for a worker without tariff DOMSOF.
  • Sub-type 2: Work visa with accommodation allowing residence in Oman for a sponsored worker with a guarantee.
  • Sub-type 2A, Work Accompanying Person's Visa

Type 3

Family Union Visa, allowing residence in Oman for a relative of an Omani national, or a relative of a foreigner residing in Oman.

  • Sub-type 3A, OMN Family Union Visa.
  • Sub-type 3D, Family Union Visa without FOR fee.
  • Sub-type 3B, Family union visa FOR.
  • Sub-type 3C, Family union visa GCC.

Type 9

Maid visa, allowing residence in Oman for a domestic worker.

  • Sub-type 9D, Maid visa COR.
  • Sub-type 9M, Maid visa DOMINV.
  • Sub-type 9K, Maid INV DIP visa.
  • Sub-type 9F, Maid GVT visa.
  • Sub-type 9L, a special visa for maid GVT.
  • Sub-type 9J, Maid visa.
  • Sub-type 9G, maid SOF visa.
  • Sub-type 9H, OFF maid visa.
  • Sub-type 9N, Maid visa COM.
  • Sub-type 9O, GOV maid visa.
  • Sub-type 9P, Embassy maid visa.
  • Sub-type 9E, maid INV visa.
  • Sub-type 9Q, Maid visa GOVNM.

Type 14

Family income visa, which allows the spouse and children (under 21) to accompany a foreign resident working in Oman.

  • Sub-type 14A, Relative union visa STD.
  • Sub-type 14B, NWB relative union visa.
  • Sub-type 14C, Non-STD relative union visa.
  • Sub-type 14D, relative union visa without NWB fee.
  • Sub-type 15, Investor's visa, allowing residence in Oman for an investor.
  • Sub-type 15A, 1-year investor visa.
  • Sub-type 15B, 2-year investor visa with unlimited renewals with the same quota.
  • Sub-type 15C, 1-year working visa.
  • Sub-type 15D, 2-year working visa.

Type 16

Student visa, allowing residence in Oman to study in a high school, college or university.

  • Sub-type 16A, Student visa 3 months to 2 years.
  • Sub-type 16B, Student visa no fee from 3 months to 2 years.
  • Sub-type 16C, 1-year student visa.
  • Sub-type 16D, 2-year student visa.

Type 19

Wife of a Citizen Visa, allowing residence in Oman for the foreign wife of an Omani citizen.

  • Sub-type 19A, Wife of a citizen visa.

Type 33

Owner's visa, which allows residence in Oman for a foreigner who owns a property in an approved resort in Oman.

  • Sub-type 33A, Owner's visa.

Type 34 and 34A

Owner's visa, allowing residence in Oman to first-degree family members (spouse, children, parents) to accompany the foreign owner of a property.

Visas for sponsored and non-sponsored visits

Type 4

Family visit visa, allowing a relative or a friend of an Omani national, or a relative of a foreigner residing in Oman, to visit Oman.

  • Sub-type 4D, Family visit visa NOFEE.
  • Sub-type 4A, OMN family visit visa.
  • Sub-type 4B, Family visit visa FOR.
  • Sub-type 4C, Family visit visa GCC.
  • Sub-type 5 and 5A, Business Visit Visa, allowing a professional or entrepreneur to visit Oman promoted by a local sponsor.

Type 6

Tourist visa, allowing a tourist to visit Oman promoted by a local sponsor.

  • Sub-type 6A, Tourist visa 10D.
  • Sub-type 6B, Tourist visa 30D.

Type 7

Official visitor visa, allowing a person sponsored by an organisation of the Government of Oman to visit Oman.

  • Sub-type 7A, Official visitor's visa FEE.
  • Sub-type 7B, Official visitor's visa NOFEE.

Type 8

Express visa, allowing a visit to Oman by a professional or employer sponsored by a local sponsor.

  • Sub-type 8A, Express STDCOR visa.
  • Sub-type 8B, Express Embassy Visa.
  • Sub-type 8C, Express NOFEE visa.
  • Sub-type 10 and 10A: Employer visa, allowing a professional or an employer promoted by a local sponsor to visit Oman.

Type 11

Multiple entry visa, allowing multiple visits to Oman by a professional or an employer sponsored by a local sponsor.

  • Sub-type 11A, Multiple entry visa STDORG.
  • Sub-type 11B, Embassy multiple-entry visa.
  • Sub-type 11C, Multiple-entry visa without NOFEE fee.

Type 12

Truck driver visa, allowing a truck or bus driver (or assistant) to visit Oman by road following DGPR immigration rules.

  • Sub-type 12 A: Resident truck driver visa ME7D GCC.
  •  Sub-type 12B: ME30D truck driver visa.
  • Sub-type 12C: Truck driver visa ME7D JOR.
  • Sub-type 12D: Truck driver visa ME7D JOR.
  • Sub-type 12E: Truck driver's visa ME5D YEM.
  • Sub-type 12F: Truck driver's visa ME7D YEM.
  • Sub-type 12G: Truck driver's visa SETUR.
  • Sub-type 12I: Truck driver's visa ME7DJOR.

Type 13

Contractor visit visa, which allows a visit to Oman to undergo a professional medical examination with an Omani government organisation before starting to work with a local sponsor.

  • Sub-type 13a, Contractor visit visa NOC.
  • Sub-type 17: Musical band visa, allowing a visit to Oman for an artistic performance with a local sponsor.
  • Sub-type 17A, Band visa BND.

Type 18 and 18A

Sailor transit visa, allowing a short entry for a crew member transiting through Oman arriving by air and departing by sea (or vice versa).

Type 20

Common Visa for Oman / Qatar (Tourism). For people on the list of eligible nationalities who must travel first to Oman and then directly to Qatar.

  • Sub-type 20A, Visa for Oman / Qatar.
  • Sub-type 20B, Visa for Oman / Qatar.

Type 21 and 21A

Common visa for Dubai / Oman, allowing the people who is on the list of eligible nationalities and who has a valid tourist visa that was used to enter the Emirate of Dubai to enter Oman directly from Dubai.

Type 22 and 22A

Festival Visa, which allows a person to visit Oman to participate in a festival or exhibition that is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Type 23

Airport transit visa, which allows a short entry for an airline passenger transiting through Oman on his way to a another country.

  • Sub-type 23 A and 23 B, Airport Transit Visa.

Type 24

Short-term working visa, allowing residence in Oman for a fixed and short period.

  • Sub-type 24A, Short term work visa 4M.
  • Sub-type 24B, Short term work visa 6M.
  • Sub-type 24C, Short term work visa 9M.
  • Sub-type 24D, Short term work visa 12M.

Type 25

Multiple entry visa, allowing multiple visits to Oman by a professional or employer employed in certain occupations.

  • Sub-type 25A, Visitor visa 10Y ME-USA.
  • Sub-type 25B, Multiple-entry visa 3MEMB.
  • Sub-type 25C, Multiple-entry visa 3MVOA.
  • Sub-type 25D, Visitor's visa 5Y ME.

Type 26

Tourist visa, allowing a person on the list of approved nationalities to visit Oman, or to be accompanied by such person.

  • Sub-type 26A, Tourist visitor's visa 10D.
  • Sub-type 26B, Tourist visa 30D.
  • Sub-type 26C, tourist visa 3MNF.
  • Sub-type 26D, Tourist visitor visa 20DNF.
  • Sub-type 26E, tourist visa 10DFAM.
  • Sub-type 26F, tourist visa 30DFAM.
  • Sub-type 26G, Tourist visitor's visa 30DFAMC.
  • Sub-type 26H, Tourist visa 30DFAMD.
  • Sub-type 26J, Tourist visa D1M.
  • Sub-type 26K, tourist visa D3M.
  • Sub-type 26L, tourist visa D6M.
  • Sub-type 26M, tourist visa 30DCG1.
  • Sub-type 26N, tourist visa 10DCG1.

Type 27

Short transit visa, allowing all nationals and their companions a short visit to transit through Oman on their way to another country.

  • Sub-type 27A, 5D Short Transit Visa.
  • Sub-type 27B, Transit visa at the GEF border.
  • Sub-type 27C, Transit visa at DEYEM border.
  • Sub-type 27D, Transit visa at DEFAM border.
  • Sub-type 27E, Transit visa at SEUAE border.
  • Sub-type 27F, Transit visa at MEUAE border.

Type 28

GCC citizen escort visa, allowing a GCC resident to visit Oman accompanied by a GCC citizen as a sponsor.

  • Sub-type 28A, GCC citizen accompanying visa VOAFEE.
  • Sub-type 28B, Visa for accompanying person of GCC citizen VOANOF.
  • Sub-type 28C, Visa for accompanying citizen GCC EMBFEE.
  • Sub-type 28D, Visa for accompanying citizen GCC EMBNOF

Type 29

GCC resident visa, allowing a person resident in the GCC to visit Oman or to be accompanied by a sponsor.

  • Sub-type 29 A, GCC resident visa VOA.
  • Sub-type 29 B, GCC VOACOM resident visa.
  • Sub-type 29 C, Resident Visa GCC.
  • Sub-type 29 D, Resident Visa GCC EMBCOM.
  • Sub-type 30 and 30 A: Emergency visa, allowing a short visit to Oman in an emergency sponsored by a local sponsor.

Type 31 and 31 A

Scientific Research Visa, allowing a visit to Oman for scientific research.

Type 32

Cruise Ship Passenger and Crew Visa, allowing a visit to Oman by a passenger or crew travelling on a cruise ship stopping over in Oman.

  • Sub-type 32A, 48H Cruise Passenger Visa.
  • Sub-type 32B, 48H-10D cruise passenger visa.
  • Sub-type 32C, 30D Cruise Passenger Visa.

Type 35

Patient visa, allowing a short visit to Oman by a person suffering from a medical condition.

  • Sub-type 35A: Patient visa.

Type 36

1-year multiple-entry visitor visas, allowing multiple visits to Oman by a person of one of the approved nationalities.

  • Sub-type 36 A: 1YR ME tourist visit visa.
  • Sub-type 36B, Tourist visa 1YR ME.
  • Sub-type 36F, Tourist visitor visa 1YRME FAM.
  •  Sub-type 36M, 1YME CG1 tourist visit visa.

Type 38

Off-plan owner visa, allowing multiple visits to Oman by a foreign buyer of a property in an approved resort in Oman.

  • Sub-type 38 A: Off-plan owner's visa.

Mosque Garden in Oman

How do I apply for an Oman visa?

As we can see, there are numerous visas available to go to Oman, all of which can be processed from the embassy. Some of the visas can also be applied for online, or on arrival in the country. It is best to apply online to avoid having to go to the embassy or waiting times and problems with customs at the airport.

The most common visas are the 26A and 26B, which are two types of tourist visas that allow you to enter the country for 10 or 30 days, depending on the type of visa you choose.

If you want to process the visa online, is there to help with the management and any processes needed to get your visa. Handle the process to us, while you relax planing your trip. 

Who needs a visa for Oman?

Most foreign nationals who wish to travel to Oman must apply for a visa to enter. If you are a resident of the GCC, you can enter the country with your ID card.

What are the requirements to apply for a visa to Oman?

To apply for a tourist visa, you only need to present an ordinary passport with at least six months validity after you enter the country, a current profile photo and fill in a short form. On arrival to the country, you must present the same passport with which you applied for the visa. Note that your passport should be in perfect condition; otherwise, it may be a problem to enter Oman.

Watchtower in mountain in Oman

Can the Oman visa be changed once it has been processed?

No, once the visa has been processed, it is not possible to make any changes, so we recommend that once you have filled in the form and uploaded the documentation, you check that everything is correct before completing the payment.

In case there is a mistake, you will not be able to apply for a new visa until the original visa expires. Alternatively, you can go to the nearest embassy to request a cancellation.

How much does a visa to Oman cost?

Prices vary depending on the type of visa you choose, with government fees ranging from 5,000 Omani rials to 50,000. For example, the 26A (10-day tour) costs 5,000 Omani rials and 26B (30-day tour) costs 20,000 Omani rials. One visa that is less frequently applied for, the 36B, a 1-year tourist visa with a maximum stay of 30 days and multiple entries, costs 50,000 Omani rials.

How far in advance do I need to apply for an Oman visa?

Although it is possible to get a tourist visa approved within 48/72 hours, it's best to apply for a tourist visa to Oman at least 20 days before entering the country.

sea and beach in Oman

What are the entry borders to Oman?

You can use your visa at any of Oman’s airports, land border posts or ports. If you are entering the country through a land border crossing, it is advisable to check with the Royal Omani Police because sometimes they change access points and limit the number of crossings at a border post.

The air entrances to the country are:

  • Muscat International Airport (MCT), located 1 km from the city centre.
  • Khasab Airport (KHS), located in the city of Khasab.
  • Duqm International Airport (DQM), located 16km from the city centre.
  • Sohar International Airport (OHS), located 7 km from the city.
  • Salalah Airport (SLL), located 5.5 km from the city.
  • Ras al Hadd Airport, located 30 km from the city.
  • Adam Airbase Airport, 18 km from the city.

Do I need any vaccines to travel to Oman?

No vaccine is required to enter Oman. The International Yellow Fever Vaccination Card is only required from people from countries where there is a risk of contagion of yellow fever. However, it is recommended that you visit your local health care centre for advice regarding your personal situation.

What is the currency of Oman?

The official currency of the Sultanate of Oman is the Omani Rial (OMR), which is divided into 1000 baisa (1 OMR) and is the fourth most valued currency in the world. You can exchange your currency at any bank or exchange offices. Credit cards are accepted in most places and there is a wide distribution of ATMs in the main cities.

Camels on the beach of Oman

When is the best time to travel to Oman?

The best months to travel to Oman are from October and March. These months have the most pleasant temperatures.

Is it safe to travel to Oman?

In general, Oman is characterised by being a reasonably safe country as far as common crime is concerned. However, it is recommended to be alert and to respect social traditions.

Piracy is still a threat in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, so if you are going, it is recommended to always do so with specialised guides. Avoid risk areas, such as the Yemen/Oman border area due to armed conflict in Yemen.

Important tips for travelling to Oman

  • Drug possession and trafficking are heavily punished by life imprisonment and even the death penalty in some instances. Omani law does not distinguish between hard and soft drugs; they are treated equally harshly.
  • It is advisable to carry medication only if you have a doctor's prescription.
  • Only non-Muslim visitors over 21 years of age are allowed to bring tobacco (up to 400 cigarettes) and 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages. All luggage will be X-rayed on entry to the country.
  • If you wish to travel with your pet, you will need a certificate issued by the Omani Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, a health certificate issued by the country of origin and a vaccination certificate that is more than one-month-old and less than 6 months old.
  • As a moderate, conservative Islamic country, Oman has laws and customs to be aware of. It is advisable to dress modestly and to respect local customs and laws.
  • Only in places of worship are women required to wear a veil.
  • Any form of nudity is forbidden, and the use of swimwear is not allowed outside beaches and swimming pools.
  • During Ramadan, it is forbidden and punishable by law to eat, drink, smoke, listen to loud music and dance in public places from dawn until after the evening prayer.
  • It is a crime to insult or make offensive comments about the Omani royal family, the government and its officials.
  • Public displays of affection are frowned upon and can cause problems with the police.
  • The weekend is Friday and Saturday, during which time the administration and some businesses from the private sector are closed, though shops are generally open.