Travel visa for Ireland from Dominica, Honduras & Vanuatu

by Catherine Carey | March 21, 2024
Ireland flag

Starting March 7, nationals from Dominica, Honduras, and Vanuatu need to obtain a visa to travel and enter Ireland. They will also need a transit visa, if they plan to stopover in any Irish airport as they travel to their final destination. 

This change in Ireland’s policy has been made with the intention of aligning Ireland’s visa policy with the UK and the Schengen Area, has stated the Minister for Justice of Ireland, Helen McEntee.Additionally, she said that it is a policy aimed at maintaining effective immigration control and ensuring balance.

If you are a national of one of these countries and have already made travel arrangements before these weeks (before the implementation of the new visa rules, but they will take place after the new visa policy), authorities of Ireland said that transitional arrangements will be made. 

The new visa regulations are expected to have minimal impact since the number of travelers that come from Dominica, Honduras and Vanuatu to Ireland is relatively small.