Citizens of Switzerland can now travel to China visa-free

by Pilar Dujan | January 17, 2024
Chinese temple

The COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences can still be seen in international travel. Some countries still struggle to obtain their pre-pandemic tourist arrival numbers, and China is one of them. 

In order to boost their economy, China has announced some changes to its visa policy. Discover them here.

Swiss citizens don’t need a visa for China anymore

Prior to a world leader meeting in Davos, to which the Chinese Premier will assist, the Asian juggernaut has announced that Switzerland passport holders can enter China without having the need to apply for a visa.

This is a unilateral visa privilege, meaning that Chinese citizens still need a visa to be able to enter Switzerland. However, the Swiss government did reciprocate by making it easier to obtain a visa for Chinese tourists and enterprises looking to invest in Switzerland. 

The Great Wall of China

More visa news from China

This recent development isn’t the only change that China has made to its visa policy. 

Several European countries have also been recently allowed to travel visa-free. They are Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Starting in December 2023, citizens from these countries can stay for up to 15 days in China during one year without a visa.

US citizens are also included in China’s visa news. Even though they still need a visa to enter the country, the requirements have been simplified: they no longer need to provide proof of hotel reservations, arriving and departing flights, travel itineraries, nor an invitation letter.

Lastly, China made two bilateral visa-free agreements with other Asian neighbors: with Thailand starting in March 2024, and also with Singapore. Moreover, Singaporean citizens can stay for 30 days without a visa instead of only 15.