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Victoria Falls: an incredible natural attracion in Zimbabwe

by Juan José Herranz | September 16, 2020
Victoria Falls and Rainbows in Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest waterfall in the World in the wet season. It is a natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, on the Zambezi river, and is one of the most interesting sites to see. These falls are known for the roaring sounds they make as the waterfalls over the cliff and into the Zambezi River. 

The Victoria Falls hold several parks where you can enjoy many attractions. These adventures are really for those who are willing to test their limits and go out of their comfort zone, since you can choose from various experiences, such as canoeing, zip-lining, river cruises, rafting and so on. It can be considered a holiday destination of its own, as the views are truly amazing, and also because it is considered the adventure hub of Africa.

If you want to travel to Zambia or Zimbabwe to see the Victoria Falls, you should gather enough information before embarking into this trip, because the Victoria Falls separate two different countries and this can be a bit tricky in terms of processes, visas, accommodations and day-to-day plans.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Where to stay to visit the Victoria Falls?

Zimbabwe or Zambia? This is one of the major questions all travellers ask before visiting Victoria Falls. Since these two countries are separated by the Zambezi River, the falls can be viewed from either country; however, it is important to know that 16 out of the 20 viewpoints are on the Zimbabwean side, as well as most attractions and activities.

You can also visit the Falls from Botswana and enjoy its major attractions. It is easy to find accommodation in all three countries; and the cities where to see the Falls from are the small towns of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingston in Zambia, as they are the closest to the falls. You can move back and forth between Zimbabwe and Zambia if you want your trip to focus on the Victoria Falls to make the most of your travel, which can be a bit tricky in terms of visas, but with planning, everything is possible!

All three countries offer amazing Safari tours and activities; Zimbabwe, for example, is home to a big range of wildlife and many national parks where you can truly indulge in the experience and discover many unique wild animal species and it is also home to what is called the Big Five: buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos. Zimbabwe’s National Parks are known for conserving these endangered species and protecting them in their natural habitat.

Zambia on the other hand, also known for its amazing wildlife, adventurous activities and beautiful sunsets, is considered to be one of the safest countries in the continent. You can go on walking safaris, and get as close as possible to nature and its habitants, or on canoeing safaris! Which is a whole different experience to discover the African wildlife.

Fishing is also a must in Zambia, and last but not least, Zambia offers one of the staple activities to do while visiting the Victoria Falls, which is having a swim and discovering Devil’s Pool, which is a naturally formed pool on the edge of the falls.

Last but not least, Botswana also offers great safari adventures, and amazing landscapes uniting desert and water. Watching elephants is imperative in Botswana, where you will be stunned by the way these creatures live in their natural habitat. More than that, the birdlife in this country is spectacular. The country offers a variety of safaris. Another thing that Botswana is known for is its luxurious resorts, where you can combine adventure and leisure.

Vaccines and visas

In terms of visa requirements, you might be required a valid visa to enter Zimbabwe or Zambia. You can check Visagov’s eligibility checker to see if you are required to have a visa to travel to Zimbabwe and/or Zambia.

As many travellers choose to visit Victoria Falls from both sides, it is very important to organize and plan everything. The easiest way to get a valid visa is through online visa applications. In our website, you will find all of the necessary information in terms of visa types, costs and so on to apply for your e-visa for Zimbabwe and/or for Zambia online. 

Medical matters are also very important to keep in mind as many African countries require vaccination certificates to be able to enter the country. Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia are not Yellow Fever Risk Zones; therefore, no vaccine certificates are required.

Vaccines against rabies, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis are a personal choice, but still advisable. We recommend you to consult your family doctor to take the appropriate measures to enjoy your trip in the best circumstances!

Victoria Falls with rainbow in Zimbabwe

A few things to know before visiting the Victoria Falls

One thing to keep in mind is the weather and to be aware of the heat during summer. You should make sure you use sun protection and stay hydrated. You might also need a raincoat while visiting the falls, as you can get your clothes wet due to the smoke that thunders!

You should also be conscious about the currencies and make sure to bring cash with you although credit card payments are common. Zambian kwacha is used in Zambia, but US dollars are used in Zimbabwe. It is not necessary to carry huge amounts of money with you, as it is an unnecessary risk, but you should also keep in mind that you will not be able to get money out of an ATM in Zimbabwe, as many of them might be empty. 

We strongly advise you to book your activities in advance, because it will allow you to save time in research, and also will help you book spots quickly as a lot of activities have limited spots, such as the Devil’s Pool for example. 

In terms of safety, less is better! Avoid carrying too much cash, jewellery or any valuables. Keep your possessions in the safe of your hotel room, and make sure everything is locked to avoid any mishaps. 

Getting around the Victoria Falls will not be an issue as there are many taxis and van services to secure transportation, but you might need to change vehicles if you want to go through the borders of the countries.