Visa-free entry to UAE for Kosovo citizens

by Catherine Carey | February 22, 2024
Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates and Kosovo reach an agreement that allows Kosovo citizens to enter the UAE without visa

This agreement has followed the Memorandum of Understanding between Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates for visa liberalization for Kosovars signed on January 11. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Donika Gërvalla announced that the Memorandum, confirmed by a verbal note from the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will come into effect on February 22.

The agreement that allows Kosovo nationals to travel to the UAE without a visa comes after the European Union-visa waiver for Kosovo. From January 2024, Kosovo citizens can travel to the Schengen Zone without a visa for a short period of time. 

Kosovo was the last country in the Western Balkans where citizens still needed a visa to travel to the EU. The Independence of Kosovo is not recognised by Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Slovakia. Nevertheless, they accept its passport, enabling Kosovo passport holders to travel to these countries only with a passport (they don’t need a visa).

Thanks to these changes in visa policies, Kosovo's passport strength has significantly improved. The Visa Guide Passport Power Index positions Kosovo at 98th place, a considerable jump from its previous ranking of 188th. It is anticipated that with this agreement between the UAE and Kosovo, Kosovo may climb even further in the rankings.

Kosovo is in conversations and working on a mutual visa waiver with Qatar