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Traveling to Hawaii: Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii?

by Pilar Dujan | July 18, 2023
Do I need a passport to fly to Hawaii and surf

Hawaii is a paradise on Earth. It’s ready for visitors all year long, there's not a best time to visit Hawaii, it’s always a beautiful experience.

However, traveling to the islands of Hawaii will only be possible with the correct documentation. Do you need a passport for Hawaii? Discover it here.

Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii as a US citizen?

No. Hawaii is one of the 50 states that make the United States of America. As such, US citizens only need a valid form of photo ID to travel domestically. This includes, but it’s not limited to, a passport

You can just bring with you a government-issued state ID that matches the information of your reservation.

If you’re traveling to Hawaii and then to another country, then you will need to have your US passport to board the plane. Make sure to comply with the final country’s requirements of entry. 

Do I need a passport for Hawaii as a permanent resident of the US?

No, permanent residents have the same requirements as citizens of the US and they won't need a passport for Hawaii.

The changes coming on May 2025

On May 7, 2025, the REAL ID Act will be effective. It establishes security standards for driver's licenses and ID cards. This will affect all forms of domestic travel in the US. 

From this day forward, all US citizens older than 18 years will have to have a form of identification that complies with the REAL ID Act. This type of identification includes state-issued enhanced driver’s licenses for certain states, passports, US military ID’s and DHS trusted traveler cards (Global Entry or NEXUS, for example). 

US passport hawaii to see sea turtles

Do you need a passport to go to Hawaii if not from the US?

Yes. Foreign citizens are obligated to travel to the US with their personal passport.

Do you need a passport to fly to Hawaii as a minor?

Minors that are citizens of the US don’t need to have a government-issued state ID for domestic travel. They can travel with a school ID card or a birth certificate. Keep in mind that the requirements for minor travelers can change between airline carriers. Some can even ask for additional documentation. 

Do you need a visa to travel to Hawaii as a US citizen?

No. Since Hawaii is part of the United States, US citizens can travel freely without a visa. They don't even need a US passport for Hawaii.

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Do you need a visa to travel to Hawaii if you’re not a US citizen?

Yes, foreign citizens visiting the US have to do so with an approved travel visa. 

If the reason for the trip is tourism or business and its duration is less than 90 days, you may be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program. This means that you could be able to apply for the ESTA visa (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) instead of applying for a regular visa at an embassy.

To learn everything about the application process, visit our article on how to apply for tourist visa for USA.

What else do I need to travel to Hawaii?

The US travel requirements, also mandatory to visit Hawaii, are:

  • A valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the start of the trip.
  • A visa for foreign citizens.
  • Travel insurance. It’s not a mandatory requirement, but the US has a private health care system that is extremely expensive, so having travel insurance can be very helpful. 
  • Proof of accommodations: it’s not always needed, but it’s important to have a copy of your reservation in case government officials ask for it.