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Cities of Rwanda

by Luz Prada | Mon 22 Jul 2019
Green fields in Rwanda

What are the major cities in Rwanda right now? Rwanda is a country in East Africa. It borders other countries such as Uganda, Congo, Tanzania and Burundi. As it’s landlocked, its small size doesn’t stop it from having a good number of very interesting cities to visit. We will tell you what the main cities of Rwanda are.


The capital of the country is also the most populated city, with more than 700,000 inhabitants. It’s a relatively new city, since it was established in 1907 under the German rule of Rwanda. It’s been the capital of the country since 1962, when it gained independence from Germany, although at that time it was Belgium that administered the country. The colonial power was in another city, but Kigali was chosen as the capital because of its strategic position in the centre of the country.

This has led to a significant increase in the population, which is linked to the main economic activity in the area: tin ore mining. It witnessed the so-called Genocide of Rwanda in 1994, when a civil war caused the death of almost 800,000 people.

Today you can visit a memorial in memory of the victims. There are also places to appreciate local art, such as the Inema Arts Centre and the Caplaki Craft Village.

Kigali has an airport and a wide range of hotels (some of which are luxury ones), as well as restaurants where you can try local and international food. At its Artisan Market you will see how they make typical utensils from the area with your own eyes.


The ancient capital of Rwanda is also known today by the name of Huye. With just 100,000 inhabitants, it’s the educational centre of the country since it brings together most of the universities in Rwanda. In addition, the city is home to a Catholic diocese—a fact that comes from the past—since Butare was the place where the first Catholic mission of the country was based in the year 1900. Also, there you can visit the National Museum of Rwanda. 


The third most populated city in Rwanda is not far from its capital, Kigali. In 1994, it was the city where the political centre of the country was located during the events of the Rwandan Genocide. Today it hosts several administrations of its district.

baby gorilla on a tree in Rwanda


Located in the north of the country, this city is linked to tourism, as it is close to one of Rwanda's biggest natural attractions: Volcanoes National Park. Established in 1929 and with more than 100 square kilometres, it is a refuge for mountain gorillas.

In addition, its spectacular orography houses five volcanoes out of a total of eight that exist in the Virunga Mountains. It is the first national park that was created in all of Africa and it borders two other important parks on the continent: the Virunga National Park in the Congo and the Gorilla National Park in Uganda.

Also, the proximity of the city to the Burera and Ruhondo lakes make it a perfect place to discover the area’s nature trails.

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