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What is the KAZA visa? Get to know the KAZA Univisa

by Cristóbal Manjón | August 13, 2020
views from Zambia of the Victoria falls

Do you want to travel to Zambia and Zimbabwe? Situated in southern Africa, these neighbouring countries offer a wealth of natural wonders, cultural diversity, and thrilling adventures. From the magnificent Victoria Falls to the vast wildlife reserves and welcoming communities, Zambia and Zimbabwe are for those travellers seeking an authentic African experience.

Now you can travel to both countries, as well as Botswana, with a single visa: the KAZA Univisa.

What is the KAZA Univisa?

The Republics of Zambia and Zimbabwe are the pioneers of the KAZA Univisa project, allowing anyone holding this type of Zambia visa to enter both countries. They started this project together with the support of the World Bank with the hope of facilitating travel between the two countries.

The KAZA Univisa costs 50 USD, and you need to choose whether you are visiting Zambia or Zimbabwe initially. This visa allows a stay of up to 30 days in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

You are also eligible to enter Botswana for a day visit through the Kazungula Border Post from either Zambia or Zimbabwe. This makes a day visit to the world-famous Chobe National Park in Botswana possible, which has the highest density of African elephants in the world.

The KAZA visa is now in stage 1 and in stage 2, but all countries of The Kavango Zambezi Conservation Area (KAZA TCFA) are expected to participate. Namely, they are: Angola and Namibia.

What are the differences between the KAZA Univisa and a regular visa?

The KAZA Univisa isn't a replacement of the traditional visa, and there are no plans for this to happen. However, since the KAZA visa was designed to attract more tourists to visit the countries within the KAZA TCFA region, it offers many perks.

The first one is, of course, economic. Because you need only one visa to enter multiple countries, you save on the visa fees. You pay only once, and you can enter three countries in stage 1 and up to 5 in the planned stage 2.

Further, the KAZA Univisa saves you the hassle of submitting two different sets of documents at two different airports. You will save yourself quite a lot of time and reduce the chance of a mistake.

The KAZA Univisa allows multiple entries into all participating countries, which eliminates the need to decide in advance what your travel intentions might be. 

KAZA visa for safari

Where can I get the KAZA visa?

We recommend getting your KAZA visa online. You can use any trustworthy visa service agents such as to ensure a hassle-free arrival and entry to Zambia and Zimbabwe. Moreover, there are times when the KAZA visa is not offered upon arrival due to miscommunication or apparent lack of applicable visa stickers.

Below is a list of nationalities eligible to apply for the KAZA Univisa:

Australia, Latvia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Belarus, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Marshall Islands, Brazil, Moldova, Britain (United Kingdom), Monaco, Brunei, Netherlands, Burundi, New Caledonia, Canada, Zealand, Cape Verde, Norway, Comoros Islands, Poland, Cook Islands, Portugal, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Russia, Czech Republic, Rwanda, Denmark, Samoa, Estonia, Sao Tome, Finland, Serbia, France, Slovakia, French, Polynesia, Slovenia, French West Indies, South Korea, Georgia, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Haiti, Ukraine, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, United States of, America, Israel, Uruguay and Italy.

In which airports is it valid to enter with the KAZA?

The KAZA Univisa can only be used in the following airports of each country.


  • Harare International Airport
  • Victoria Falls International Airport
  • Victoria Falls Border (with Zambia)
  • Kazungula Border (with Botswana)


  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (Lusaka)
  • Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport (Livingstone)
  • Victoria Falls Border (with Zimbabwe)
  • Kazungula Border (with Botswana)

Victoria Falls in Zambia

How to get the most out of the KAZA visa?

To get the most out of the KAZA visa, tourists are encouraged to travel to several destinations in both Zambia and Zimbabwe. If you do not know which places to visit yet, here are some you must see:


Despite being landlocked, Zambia is becoming one of the most talked-about travel destinations in Southern Africa. The things to do in Zambia include a wide array of activities including safaris, historic parks, landmarks, and more.

For example, you can visit the breath-taking Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World; and also the Kafue National Park, the second biggest national park in all of Africa. You can also stay at the historic Shiwa Ngandu Manor House that inspired the book "The Africa House".

Other attractions in Zambia are:

  • The Livingstone Museum
  • South Luangwa National Park
  • Lower Zambezi National Park
  • Lake Kariba
  • Mosi oa tunya National Park


Zimbabwe is emerging as an up-and-coming premier travel destination in Africa. This is not unexpected as the country is rich with awe-inspiring landscapes, exotic wildlife, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that will make every tourist’s travel worthwhile.

The top tourist attractions in the country include the Hwange National Park, home of one of the largest elephant populations in the world, the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, which protects the ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe, and the mysterious Chinhoyi Caves, a popular destination for scuba divers.

Other attractions in Zimbabwe are:

  • Mana Pools National Park
  • Matobo National Park
  • Chimanimani National Park
  • Great Zimbabwe
  • Chilojo Cliffs