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Things to do in Bahrain

by Juan José Herranz | April 27, 2022
horse racing playing cricket in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the most well-known countries in the Arabian Peninsula and is most renowned for its traditions, spices and beautiful pearls that are traded all over the world.

Despite a drop in tourism in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring, tourists flock to Bahrain and it remains a popular destination for those seeking an exotic enclave with a variety of unique and engaging attractions.

While you may come for its various attractions, you will undoubtedly remain for the warmth and openness people. Bahrainis are known for their friendliness and are eager to greet you with open arms and show you around their beautiful country. The greatest locations to visit in Bahrain are listed below:

Explore the City of Manama

The Bahrain World Trade Centre, with twin buildings that rise 240 meters above the earth, dominates Manama's gleaming cityscape. Visit Bab Al Bahrain, a classic souk framed by an arched gate entrance, if you're searching for a taste of the city's history.

The pulsing souks, where you can find spices, pearls, and gorgeous carpets, are some of Manama's outstanding highlights, and you can also visit the Bahrain National Museum to learn about the city's Portuguese and Persian origins.

Bahrain World Trade Center 2 in Manama Bahrain

Pray at Al-Fatih Mosque

The Al-Fatih Mosque is Bahrain's biggest mosque. It was built in honor of Sheikh Ahmed Bin Muhammad Bin Khalifa, the founder of modern Bahrain, who was known as "Al-Fatih."

During construction, architectural elements from all around the world were used in the mosque, making it a true piece of art. It has from Italian marble to magnificent Indian doors and high-quality Irish carpets.

Al-Fatih can accommodate up to 7000 worshippers and has English and Arabic-speaking guides on hand to conduct free guided tours every day.

See the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is unlike any other tree you've ever seen. It's in the desert and no one knows how it manages to survive without water. It's a magnificent tree in Bahrain, growing on a 25-foot dune built around a 500-year-old bastion. This tree is around 400 years old and is 32 feet in length. You can debunk the myths surrounding the tree of life and learn about its history in the visitor center during your visit. 

Dilmun Park

The park's architecture, water fixtures and stone statues are all styled after the ancient Dilmun culture. The attention to detail in the architecture, water fixtures, and stone statues is breathtaking.

Lost Paradise of Dilmun is Bahrain's largest water park, with a total size of roughly 77,000 square meters. It is divided into numerous sections, each with its own set of attractions. 

Bahrain National Museum

Visiting the Bahrain National Museum is an excellent opportunity to learn about Bahrain's history. It is one of the country's largest and oldest museums. Archaeological artefacts dating back nearly 6,000 years can be found on the 27,800 square meter site. 

The archaeological treasures from ancient Dilmun are among the most prominent sights, but the replica of the old Souq should not be overlooked. Furthermore, the museum is more than just a repository for the past; the theatre hosts a variety of performances and new modern exhibitions are added regularly.

hotel with palm trees and swimming pool in Bahrain


Beit Al-Quran boasts the region's best collection of old Qurans, with Qurans from nearly every century from Islam's inception in 610, as well as some of the first translations into European languages.

The museum also houses the oldest copy of the Quran, which was translated into Latin in 955.

In addition to Qurans, it has manuscripts, woodcarvings and samples of Islamic calligraphy, as well as a library including works by Rumi and Omar Khayyam, two historical poets.

Bahrain International Circuit

In any event, you must visit the International Circuit while in Bahrain, as it is one of the most famous motor racing circuits in the world. For motor racing lovers, Formula One "F1" was introduced to Bahrain in 2004.

Thousands of people flock to this 5.4 kilometer-long track every year to see the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain.

flag of Bahrain

Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve

Al Areen Wildlife Park is a zoo and a nature reserve in Sakhir, with a total area of 10 square kilometers. It is the Kingdom's only land-based protected area. Although it was created in 1976, the park has undergone extensive modifications in recent years.

A spectacular aviary and an Arabian wild animal complex are among the most recent additions. Al Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve is a must-see destination in Bahrain, with more than 80 species of birds, 25 kinds of vegetation, 45 species of mammals and many herds of beautiful mature oryx.

Amwaj Islands

The Amwaj Islands are a series of man-made islands in the Arabian Gulf's dazzling blue waters. Shopping malls, luxury restaurants, cafes and resorts are among the numerous fascinating attractions on the Amwaj Islands.

As a fast-rising city, it boasts elegant towers, making it a top investment destination. With luxury skyscrapers springing up all over the island and a plethora of hotels and good cafes to keep you entertained, this quickly growing city is a terrific destination to visit in Bahrain.


A'ali, which is recognized for its ceramics, is a must-see for art lovers. Pottery shops abound around the city, where you may examine the work of local artists and perhaps even catch one of them at work. Visitors are frequently allowed to try their hand at pottery by the artists. A'ali is also notable for its more than 5,000-year-old burial mounds.

The Bahrain National Museum now houses many cultural relics discovered in these mounds. Aa’ali is a must-visit for all art lovers.

Visa for Bahrain

More than 200 eligible nationalities have to apply for an eVisa for Bahrain before traveling. The only exceptions are the citizens of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Oman.

To apply, you need a valid passport with an expiration date of more than 6 months from the day of entry to the country. You also need a colour passport photograph and a copy of your return flight tickets.