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10 Cities in Russia you Can't Miss: A Complete Guide

by Juan José Herranz | April 22, 2022
houses and buildings in a street in Russia

Russia's large and magnificent cities reflect the large extension of Russia and a sense of grandeur and magnitude. Tourists will find lots of great historical and cultural monuments to explore, with towering fortresses, cathedrals, and churches dotting its vast streets and boulevards. If you're considering a trip to Russia, keep reading to learn about the ten most gorgeous cities the country has to offer:


The Russian capital is a spectacular city and a treat to explore, with the Kremlin and the Red Square as unquestionable highlights. Wandering through the historic castle, which is located in the center of the city is an amazing experience and the gorgeous St. Basil's Cathedral further adds to the ambiance.

Moscow is a city known for its art museums, amazing ballet and circus performances and opera. On top of that, it boasts some amazing restaurants, stylish pubs, and lively nightlife.

Red Square in Moscow Russia

St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg was the former capital from which the Tsars resigned and where the Communist Revolution started. Elegant palaces and big cathedrals fill up the city and wonderful, leafy parks make it a lovely spot to roam.

St. Petersburg is cut through by rivers and canals, with charming bridges spanning the waters. The city features loads of historic places to visit, museums, wonderful shopping and dining choices, as well as some outstanding nightlife, thanks to its laid-back attitude.

General Staff Building in Saint Petersburg


This city on the Volga River serves as the Tatars' capital (Turkic people). As a matter of fact, it is a one of its kind and unique tourist site in Russia. Kazan is a magnificent cultural melting pot, with Slavic Russians constituting a sizable share of the population.

The minarets of mosques are crossed intricately together with church spires, and street signs are printed in both languages. Kazan's particular attitude makes it a fascinating place to visit, with some excellent local cuisine and incredibly interesting sights such as the Kazan Kremlin.


A substantial sum of money was invested in improving the city's infrastructure and tourism services. It boasts a magnificent waterfront promenade with some outstanding nightclubs and restaurants, and it is Russia's most famous beach resort.

There are also several other beautiful parks to be discovered across the city. While the beach resorts aren't excellent, and it may get pricy in the summertime, the sea is nice, and the climate in Sochi is pleasant. You can explore the Russian Riviera, hike in Agoura Valley or ski in the nearby mountains, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Morskoy vokzal Fontan in Sochi

Veliky Novgorod

This city, which lies on the banks of the Volkhov River, was Russia's first capital in the 9th century. Veliky Novgorod is situated on a vital commercial route connecting Central Asia, and Europe and preserves the majority of its amazing monasteries and monuments. 

The city's ancient part is intriguing to explore, with numerous old churches like the 11th-century St Sophia's Cathedral and St George's Cathedral, Russia's oldest monastery. We recommend you dive into the history of the city and, after a long day of exploring, enjoy the city's restaurants and cafés.

The St. George's Yuriev Monastery in Novgorod


Smolensk, located on the Dnieper River, is one of Russia's oldest cities and it has a particular interesting history since it has been captured and governed by several countries.

The city has many unique and attractive things to offer visitors. Churches, buildings, and monuments from many eras may be seen throughout the city. Its magnificent stronghold, larger than Moscow's Kremlin, is a treat to explore, with the stunning Assumption Cathedral as a highlight. Museums, galleries, and theaters, in addition to historical buildings, display the city's rich artistic and musical past.


Krasnodar is an exquisite city that is sometimes referred to as "Little Paris". It is a busy location with few great Tsariest-generation structures and a plethora of stores, pubs, and places to eat. However, it lacks the dramatic attractions of different Russian cities. Krasnodar is also ideally situated to explore the region of southern Russia.


Vladivostok, a significant port and naval station in Russia's far east, serves as the region's capital. Its Pacific coastline is full of charming tiny islands and bays, adding to the picturesque character of the place.

There is some beautiful architecture among the Soviet-era structures. Vladivostok's growth is on the rise, with new theatres and cultural attractions popping up all over the place, as well as a fantastic gastronomic scene complemented by trendy cocktail bars and a bustling nightlife.

Маяк Токаревского in Vladivostok Russia

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod, divided by the Volga and Oka Rivers, is best recognized for its spectacular hilltop Kremlin, which overlooks the two torrents' confluence. Despite the fact that it is undoubtedly the focal point of the city's charms, it is enough to keep travellers engaged for a couple of days.

Tourists may enjoy wonderful galleries and cafes, as well as spectacular surroundings. From here, you can take a river excursion to some of the nearby villages and towns.


Novosibirsk, situated on the Trans-Siberian Railway line, is Russia's third-largest city. It is highly worth visiting because there is so much to see and do. It is a pleasant, laid-back city with many beautiful parks and boulevards and Soviet-era architecture. Additionally, there are beautiful museums and monuments. This city is definitely worth visiting for at least a couple of days.