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What to do in Quebec city and things to do in Quebec

by Elena Escudero | July 17, 2020
beautiful views of Québec

Québec, a province great for both city and nature lovers. The city is surrounded by forests and rivers; and within the urban area, there are monuments reflecting a huge history. Whether you want to enjoy a cultural adventure or you are a wildlife fanatic; Québec can definitely give you the best of both worlds!

As the majority of countries, Canada requires its visitors to apply for a visa before arriving. However, citizens of selected countries can fill in a ETA Canada visa application online and directly get an ETA Canada in their email. Here are some of the things to do in Quebec.

Things to do in Quebec

Black Bear watching in the Mauricie region

One of the main things to do in Quebec is watching black bears. In the Mauricie region, everyday at sunset from June to September, tours are organized to go watch black bears in their natural habitat in what is called ‘The bear valley’.

These tours are especially designed to protect you, and to protect the space of these great creatures without disturbing them. Before, during and after the tour, you will be provided with all the information you need to know about the black bears and their way of life.

things to do in Quebec in Mauricie Canada

Whale watching in the Saint-Lawrence river

What to do in Quebec? Exploring the Saint-Lawrence river is one of the things to do in Quebec. 13 species of cetaceans can be found in the salty waters of the St. Lawrence river. Blue whales, also known as the largest animals on the planet, can be found there; as well as the white Beluga whale, and humpback whales which can swim up to you to be fed near the Saguenay Fjord in Tadoussac, not far from Québec city.

There are different ways of whale watching in Tadoussac; either on a cruise ship or a big boat, which is the most comfortable experience with a lot of seats. The inconvenience would be the fact that these boats cannot get as close to the whales as with a zodiac for example.

These smaller boats are more flexible and will give you a closer look to the whales compared to the big boats. And for those who do not acknowledge the concept of fear, we propose kayaking for maximum adventure. The kayak tours are done with professional guides.

What to do in Quebec city St. Lawrence river whale watching

Must see in Quebec city: Polar bear watching near the Hudson Bay

By the end of your trip to Québec, you will be the adventurer/explorer of your friend’s group. On the shores of Hudson Bay next to the town of Churchill, you will be able to get very close to the world’s largest bears. Many professionally guided tours are organized to watch these majestic creatures.

In summer, there are organized Polar bear walking Safaris; while in winter tours are organized in vehicle trips to enjoy the view of these stunning animals on the beautiful white snowy background that Canadian weather has to offer.

Things to do in Quebec: Polar bear safaris Canada

Kayaking and canoeing along the Jacques-Cartier river

This is a new thing to do in Quebec and the best way to visit the Jacques-Cartier National park. There are tours offered by the park that are tailored for families, children and adults. You can even camp on-site, and spend a few days to recharge your energy.

What to do in Quebec city: Kayaking along the Jacques-Cartier river

What to do in Quebec city: Visiting the toboggan slide

The toboggan slide is only available during winter, but it needs to be accounted for on this list. It is the biggest toboggan you will ever see in your life! A toboggan for adults and with snow!

The Québec city toboggan ride is a century-old that you can find during the Québec Winter Festival, for adults and children. It is surrounded by Christmas lights which give real winter-wonderland feelings. It definitely is a must see in Quebec city and thing to do in Quebec.

What to see in Quebec city: the toboggan

More things to do in Quebec

The Ice hotel in Québec city

The Ice Hotel, also called ‘L’hôtel de glace’ in French, is a distinctive resort made out of ice. Everything, from walls, rooms, to event areas, is completely frozen. The Ice hotel is a popular place in Québec city, not only for the unique concept, but also for its architecture.

The architecture is mesmerizing and they offer guided tours to explore its beauty. You can either go for a weekend tour, or even spend the night to indulge and enjoy the full experience.

Things to see in Quebec city: Ice hotel in Québec city

Montmorency falls near Québec city

It is widely known and agreed upon that Canada is the place to enjoy waterfalls; and Québec is no exception to that rule. This is one of the main things to do in Quebec.

You can enjoy the beautiful landscape in the Montmorency Falls park, which offers diversified and pleasurable ways to have a tour and enjoy the experience through the rivers and the cliffs, by Ziplining, a panoramic circuit, or through guided visits. This is, by all means, a relaxing experience that will need a full day to enjoy.

a must see in Quebec city: the Montmorency falls

Québec Old city

This is the place of birth of the ‘French’ North America. You will be fascinated by the city’s walls, the narrow streets leading to Château Frontenac, which you can visit as well. You will enjoy the breathtaking views while walking through the wooden boardwalk, which gives you views on l’île d’Orléans, the St. Lawrence river, and Québec City’s Lower Town.

You will stroll around The Citadelle of Québec, to then pay a visit to the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral. To finish it up, one of the things to see in Quebec city is the Rue du Trésor to buy souvenirs, and Rue Saint-Jean for some Poutine!

What to see in Quebec: Québec Old city

Have a tour of the Musée du Fort in Québec Old City

This allows you to travel back in time and history with the sound and light multimedia show that the military museum offers. It tells the stories of the city’s battles and sieges in a close-to-reality experience presented through key figures and tremendous historical moments.

Things to do in Quebec: Musée du Fort in Québec Old City

Take a breath of fresh air on the Plains of Abraham

Canada’s first national park is the best destination to enjoy calm and green scenery. It is not the typical park, because it also offers many activities. It is one of the things to see in Quebec city because you can hike, walk, ride your bike, attend a free concert, get to enjoy a lantern light show, and take a guided tour. 

Saying that Québec is an interesting place to visit would be an understatement. It is a region that is extremely rich in natural and historical resources, and is ready for all visitors to go, indulge, visit around the great historical monuments, discover wildlife up close, and have fun!