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Basic Information to Visit Kyrgyzstan

by Juan José Herranz | December 24, 2020
Snowed mountains in Kyrgyzstan

From breathtaking treks to easy-to-access wayfaring culture, friendly and welcoming locals, first-class horse-riding experience, touring around Kyrgyzstan is undoubtedly an ideal destination for travellers in the hunt for an incredible adventure. In recent years, trips to this country have soared up remarkably as tourists have fallen in love with horse riding, camping and hiking through Kyrgyzstan’s spectacular landscape.

With countless mind-blowing treks, trails, and destinations, travellers can explore limitless adventures and opportunities.

What makes Kyrgyzstan an out-of-the-ordinary destination?

Situated in far-off Central Asia and liberated from the Soviet Union in the year 1991, Kyrgyzstan has just started to have tourism and it is not considered one of the top destinations for travellers. Sadly, so many people worldwide are unaware of how peaceful, spellbinding, and wondrous this country is.

It is worth noting that Kyrgyzstan has the particularity that plenty of locals offer their shelters to travellers looking for a place to stay. So, whichever destination you go to, whether it’s a tourist spot or a far-flung village, as soon as you arrive at the place, some women will ask you if you’re searching for a place to stay.  

In this country, you will have the chance to discover their nomadic culture -very much similar to what we only see in movies. Kyrgyz homes are aesthetically adorned, well-kept and have comfortable beds.

Not to mention, there are lots of off-the-beaten adventures and activities that you can live in this country and nowhere else. All these are unquestionably what makes this country worth-visiting and a one-of-a-kind destination.

nomadic village in Kyrgyzstan, Basic Information to Visit Kyrgyzstan

Visa Requirements

Is a visa required to travel to Kyrgyzstan?

US citizens are not required to have a visa upon entering, provided that their visit for tourism would not exceed 60 days. For business or religious purposes, a visa must be obtained. Obtaining a visa for Kazakhstan is also highly recommended because of the limited flights to and from Kyrgyzstan.

What are the types of visas for Kyrgyzstan?

The most common types of visas for Kyrgyzstan include tourist visa, business visa, study visa, work visa and private visa.

How can I apply for a Kyrgyzstan visa?

Application for a Kyrgyzstan visa may be done online, at one of the embassies or consulates, and/or upon arrival at their international airport.

Who would need a visa for Kyrgyzstan?

All people who want to enter the country need to apply. However, a visa-free policy applies to people of certain countries from Asia and Europe. For those who do not have a visa, it is required to be sponsored by someone from the country.

Burana Tower in Kyrgyzstan, Basic Information to Visit Kyrgyzstan

What are the requirements to apply for a visa to Kyrgyzstan?

The requirements are the following:

  • Passport with more than 6 months of validity.
  • Passport-style pictures.
  • Proof of travel arrangements.
  • Filled out application form.
  • Kyrgyzstan visa fee.
  • Other additional requirements may be asked depending on the type of visit.

Once the visa has been processed, can it still be changed?

It may be changed, but fees may be applicable for the amendments.

What will be the cost of a visa to Kyrgyzstan?

The cost depends entirely on the purpose of the trip, the number of times it will be used and from what country you are applying. Visit and check out our offers for visa processing.

group of horses in Kyrgyzstan, Basic Information to Visit Kyrgyzstan

When is the Best Time to Visit Kyrgyzstan

Since Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia's focal point, it has dry and hot summers and bitterly chilly winters. It is scorching during the summer months of July and August. While this extreme heat can be distressing to some, this is the season when Kyrgyzstan’s bazaars are worth visiting. In the same way, it is also the perfect period to discover this country’s hiking trails and hilly spots that are off-limits any other season of the year.

If you prefer to travel to Kyrgyzstan sometime around October, it is still possible. However, be sure to prepare yourself for some occasional rains and expect more unanticipated weather conditions. During this time, there are few foreign tourists.

In November and December, travelling to this country can be strenuous and might be difficult due to its bitingly cold weather conditions. Late spring and autumn are moderate. Such seasons reveal Kyrgyzstan’s plush scenery of bronze, green, and gold.

Is it Costly to Travel to Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan is a less pricey country to visit, particularly if you visit during summer. Travellers can camp almost everywhere without expensive costs. If you are not into camping, you can spend the night in yurts, homestays, and guesthouses without spending a lot of money.

This country is friendly to budget backpackers. This is because you can find a place to stay in the major cities that would cost around six dollars per night. Furthermore, you can enjoy a full-loaded meal in a restaurant for less than four dollars.

There are several distinct ways to travel around in this country. The good news is that you could make it as pricey or low-cost as you wish. The priciest way would be renting a car; while the cheapest way would be using public transport.

Kyrgyzstan currency is known as som. It was introduced on May 10, 1993. The Kyrgyz Republic currency replaced the Soviet ruble. At first, only banknotes were issued. Later, in the year 2008, coins were also introduced.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Kyrgyzstan

Issyk Kul Lake

The name means warm lake. It is known as the second-largest mountain lake on the globe. The lake is heated from underneath by thermal activity. Hence, it does not freeze even in winter.

Jyrgalan Valley

This spot is ideal for skiing, trekking and hiking. Alpine forests and virgin mountains fence this valley. It is highly recommended for travellers who are on the hunt for a tranquil retreat.


This is the capital city and is deemed one of the best spots to go to Kyrgyzstan. It is famous for being the passageway to Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains, Ala Archa National Park and Bishkek.  It is where you can explore limitless galleries, state museums, the ballet and opera theatre, and art museums.  


This place is famous for being the oldest city in the country. It is situated in the focal point of the abundant Ferghana Valley. This is believed to be a blessed mountain that has been unceasingly glorified by women who wish to conceive and give birth to healthy children.

Altyn Arashan valley

This place is known for its alpine meadows, hot springs, forested mountain slopes and stunning sceneries on Palatka's snowcapped peak. This is best to visit during autumn.

Eat Ashlan-fu

This is Kyrgyzstan’s classic dish that you shouldn’t miss once you visit this country. It is mostly found in Karakol and is a cold soup that contains a mix of veggies, spices, herbs, pieces of starch, vinegar sauce and noodles. It is best eaten with fried bread. This dish is known for being an effective hangover cure. 

Watch Salbaruun

This is the long-established eagle hunting in this country. It is a living tradition where eagles are trained all through Kyrgyzstan to hunt and go after prey.

Spend the Night in a Yurt

This will give you a distinctive experience. Yurts are the embodiment of Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic culture.

See the Magical Fairytale Canyon

If you are wondering how it is like to visit Mars, this place will give you a similar view of that experience. Visit the Skazka canyon to see it for yourself.

Skazka canyon with goat in Kyrgyzstan, Basic Information to Visit Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Airports

There were approximately 50 airports and aviation fields in Kyrgyzstan at the upshot of the Soviet period. A lot of them were established to serve soldiery objectives in this boundary region. It is important to note that only a few of these airports and aviation fields remain active. The airports that offer international flights include Karakol, Tamchy, Osh and Bishkek.

Local Time Information in Kyrgyzstan

Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) = GMT / UTC
UTC+6 hours
Daylight Saving Time (DST): There is no daylight saving time in this time zone.