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Top cities in Armenia every traveler should visit

by Juan José Herranz | December 28, 2020
Monastery in Armenia

As a destination entangled in a history that’s both powerful and tragic, Armenia has so many stories to tell you. The country is dotted with ancient sites and monuments that are simply a delight to explore. It has also got a rich culture, delicious cuisine and super-friendly locals. For an enthusiastic traveller, there isn’t a better plan than diving into these attractions in the backdrop of Armenia’s breathtaking natural landscapes. 

If you are planning to visit this amazing country, you have made a great choice. Here, we look at the cities in Armenia, each offering many attractions to keep you entertained for days! Using our guide, you can decide which Armenian cities you're going to visit on your trip.

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If you are a first-timer visiting Armenia, we recommend you start from its capital city, Yerevan. As the most important of all the cities in Armenia and one of the oldest cities in the world, with the origin dating back to the 7th century, there’s so much to see here. So, it’s best to allocate at least a day in Yerevan before you head out.

The Republic Square is a famous site with elegant buildings constructed out of pink-hued bricks. It’s also why Yerevan is nicknamed the Pink City. You can learn about the country’s long-standing history at the History Museum of Armenia and hang out at many cafés and restaurants around the area. The Republic Square is particularly fascinating at night with its dancing fountains show.

A visit to the Genocide Museum is a must if you are curious to learn about Armenia’s painful past, as it highlights the massacre carried out by the Ottoman Empire during its invasion. You can even pay tribute to the victims at the Genocide Memorial located nearby.

Another hotspot among travellers is the Cascade, a massive flight of stairs with different architectural monuments in the middle. You can keep climbing to the top and get spellbinding views of the first stop in all the Armenia cities.

Yerevan is one of the cities in Armenia, Top cities in Armenia


On the north-western side of Armenia lies Gyumri, with the finest architecture you will find in pretty much all the cities in Armenia. Something remarkable is the blackened-shade of its buildings and monuments with orange-gold. The reason? They are built using volcanic tuff!

The city was really beautiful in the past, but an earthquake left it in shambles, and what you see today is what Gyumri has rebuilt while preserving what remained.

Vartanants Square is the best place to start your tour. It has many ancient buildings worthy of admiration, such as the Holy Saviour’s Church, the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God and the City Hall.

Then, you can visit the ancient Black Fortress known as Sev Berd built by the Russian Empire. Today, it’s a celebrated cultural site where concerts and different social events are held frequently.

Another attraction in Gyumri is the statue of Mother Armenia that was built after WWII to represent the victory of the Soviet Union. If you descend the flight of stairs that start from the bottom of the statue, you will be led to a garden that has many stone blocks with names of Soviet Union’s capital cities inscribed on them.


Vanadzor is a picturesque city in northern Armenia that is a perfect natural retreat for anyone who wants to escape the busy streets of other cities in Armenia. It has a very laid-back appeal with lush greenery dominating its surroundings. So, if you want to heal, relax and rejuvenate, look no further.

Vanadzor also has its own version of a public space like other cities known as Hayk Square, and it features the City Hall and other noteworthy establishments. You will also spot Soviet monuments and dancing fountains in the area. 

The Fine Arts Museum houses over 1700 works of art that include sculptures, paintings and other forms of decorative art portraying Armenian local life and history. Other places of interest include the Russian Orthodox Church, Lori-Pambak Geological Museum and Vanadzor Botanical Gardens.

The city’s local market Shuka is a great place to buy local produce including dried fruits, nuts, and snacks. If you have a knack for antiques, pay a visit to the Vanadzor’s Antique Shop founded in the 1980s!

Besides these attractions, Vanadzor is also a great place to partake in river rafting, hiking, mountain climbing and other nature-bound activities. Make sure you arrange them in advance via a tour guide.

Vanadzor northern Armenia, Top cities in Armenia


Nestled in southern Armenia, Goris is a place that’s referred to as a city and town synonymously. You will come across some unusual landmarks here. When you are in Goris, we also recommend you to tour its surrounding towns and experience the southern charm of Armenia.

St. Gregory the Illuminator Church, designed by an Italian-Armenian architect is a highly recommended attraction. Then you can visit the Geological Museum that houses an extensive collection of artefacts from different eras.

The Medieval Goris Cave Dwellings is a good place to observe how early settlers in the town established their housing. In order to reach the site, you have to cross a suspension bridge that runs over a river and then climb a steep flight of stairs. So, the journey is an adventure itself. A similar but more popular site is the cave town of Khndzoresk, located a 20-minute drive away from Goris.

The city also has several memorials dedicated to World War II as a tribute to the war heroes. Besides these, you can also taste their food, try Goris draft beer, and shop in the small boutiques around. 

The famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Armenia, the Tatev Monastery, is also located very close to Goris. The 9th century monastery complex situated atop a plateau is well worth a visit.