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What’s the best time in Egypt for exploring the country?

by Monique Atzler | December 20, 2022
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Are you planning a trip to Egypt soon? Or perhaps you’ve been wondering "is visiting Egypt worth it?". Believe us, if you go, you won’t regret it!

Captivating. Bewitching. Enchanting. Those are the words travelers often use to describe Egypt. 

Spanning millennia, the ancient Egyptian civilization captivates all those who sailed on the majestic course of the river Nile, its iconic river, or those who explored the stunning cities in Egypt.

With its many illustrious figures from Kheops, Ramses II, and Tutankhamun to Moses, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and Nasser, its mysterious tombs, the city of Cairo and the pyramids, the beautiful Hurghada, colossal statues, fierce crocodiles, bustling souks, and endearing people, this country will forever capture the imagination of those who explore the many things to do in Egypt

Ready for this one-of-a-kind adventure? In this short guide, we’ll provide you with the advice you need to pick the best time in Egypt for your preferred activities. This way, you can plan the perfect holiday and ensure you make the most of your trip!

The climate of Egypt

Egypt's weather varies a lot throughout the country due to its large size. The coastline near Alexandria boasts a Mediterranean climate, while the Cairo region is semi-arid. What’s more, the deep south is characterized by an arid climate. With such diverse climates, Egypt has something to offer visitors all year round!


Autumn is a popular time in Egypt for travelers. The season spans from late September to late November and the temperatures oscillate between 25 and 35°C from north to south. Skies are typically clear with little rainfall, even near Alexandria. 


During the winter months, from December through to February, Alexandria receives a fairly high amount of rainfall and the sky in Cairo is often overcast. However, temperatures remain enjoyable except in the desert, where nights can get cold. Visitors exploring the Upper Egypt area near Luxor and Aswan in winter will still enjoy bright skies and sunshine. 


Spring only spans from March to April, making it the shortest season. The temperature can change quickly, sometimes going from 20 to 40°C over the course of a day. While spring is a good time to visit Egypt as temperatures are usually still enjoyable and the skies are clear, you might experience khamsin (a warm sand wind that blows a couple of times during the season). 


Summer in Egypt is blessed with abundant sunshine. However, temperatures can reach up to 50°C in Aswan and Nubia. If you’re planning to visit the region, you’ll have to start your days early when temperatures are still enjoyable.

The Mediterranean coast tends to be humid during this season.

Temperature in Egypt: the weather in Egypt by month

Weather in Egypt in January (Winter)

January is one of the best months for a trip to Egypt. The weather in Egypt in January is cool with very little to no rainfall. This month sees a daily average of approximately 10ºC-18ºC. 

Even though it’s not precisely the best time in Egypt for going to the beach, if you’re not a fan of sunbathing in extreme heat, you can still do it, for example in Sharm El Sheikh.

Alexandria and Cairo are two of the coldest cities in January, so try to fit them into your itinerary. 

Weather in Egypt in February (Winter)

February is the perfect time in Egypt for exploring. With average temperatures similar to January, 9ºC-18ºC, you can safely explore the main tourist attractions (especially in Cairo and Alexandria) without the added difficulty of heat. 

The average rainfall is 4 mm, a very small amount. 

Weather in Egypt in March (Spring)

The weather in Egypt in March is extremely pleasant. Even though it’s the end of winter, it’s still cool (although a bit rainy). Central Egypt and the coast bathed by the Red Sea start to get warmer in March.

The average temperature is 12ºC-22ºC and the rainfall, 8 mm. 

Egypt’s weather in April (Spring)

April marks the time in Egypt when the heat is officially starting. The average temperature ranges between 15ºC-27ºC. But, for example, in the city of Luxor (one of the hottest in all of Egypt), the maximum temperature can reach and surpass 35ºC. 

Travelers should be aware of the fact that there are sandstorms in April due to the dry wind called Khamsin. However, it’s a perfect time in Egypt for going to the beach: the temperatures are hot without being scorching and the sea is at a pleasant 22ºC. 

Egypt’s weather in May (Spring)

The weather in Egypt in May starts to get scorching hot. Some cities get temperatures of 40ºC or more, and the summer hasn’t even started! The nights are cooler (but not cold) with average temperatures of 18ºC, although that varies according to the part of Egypt you’re visiting. 

Some areas see no rainfall during May, but in others you can find an average of 12 mm. 

Weather in Egypt in June (Summer)

This is not a great time in Egypt for staying in the city. Summer has arrived and, with it, average temperatures of 40ºC during the daytime. At nighttime, you can expect an average of 22ºC. There’s virtually no rain in all of Egypt in June. 

Even though it’s not the best time to go to Egypt if you want to explore its ancient wonders, it’s a great time in Egypt for enjoying the coast of the Red Sea. Travel to Hurghada for a little sunbathing and snorkeling! 

Weather in Egypt in July (Summer)

The weather in Egypt is not very humid during the summer, but it is extremely hot

The weather in Cairo, Egypt, can reach 35ºC with a low of 23ºC, although other cities are slightly less hot (like Alexandria). However, other cities get even hotter: Luxor can easily surpass 40ºC during July. 

There’s a good chance that if you travel to Egypt during July, you won’t see any rain. 

Weather in Egypt in August (Summer)

August is also very hot: you can expect an average of 39ºC during the day with not a lot of respite at night (approximately 25ºC depending on where you’re at). However, you won’t run into any rainfall. 

Try to book an excursion to Egypt’s beaches to escape the heat, it’s the perfect time in Egypt for it. 

Egypt’s weather in September (Fall)

The weather in Egypt during September is more amenable, but still hot. The lowest temperatures you will find surround 19ºC and the hottest, 33ºC. It’s a good time in Egypt for exploring: you will find lower prices than later in the year and it’s not as hot as the previous months. 

As in the other hotter months, there’s virtually no rainfall in September. 

Weather in Egypt in October (Fall)

Even though there are sporadic rains, the weather in Egypt in October is much nicer than before. The average temperature ranges from 18ºC to 28ºC, although it can reach 30ºC in cities like Cairo. 

The end of the month sees the beginning of the tourist rush. 

Weather in Egypt in November (Fall)

Egypt’s weather in November has average temperatures of 14ºC at night and 23ºC during the day, very pleasant for walking around

It’s also quite dry: there’s very little to no rainfall. 

Weather in Egypt in December (Winter)

Winter has officially arrived. Egypt’s weather in December sees temperatures of about 20ºC. The average lowest temperatures are 10ºC or a little bit more. This is also one of the rainiest months in Egypt, but nothing that waterproof clothes can’t handle. 

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

Spring: ideal time in Egypt for avoiding big crowds

Because temperatures are hot but still enjoyable at this time of the year, it’s the perfect season to fill your days with fun activities, explore unique attractions, and have the best time in Egypt. Since the weather is not particularly cold during the spring, the crowds are not as big as during autumn or winter and the prices are cheaper.

Wake up early to go sandboarding in Siwa Oasis, cruise down the Nile aboard a traditional felucca boat, marvel at the golden sarcophagus of Tutankhamun in The Egyptian Museum or visit the Step Pyramid of Djoser In Saqqara.

Summer: the best time in Egypt for small budgets

Summer might be scorching hot in Egypt, but it doesn’t mean you can’t visit the country. Quite the contrary! Summer is the perfect time to explore the Pyramids of Giza during a refreshing (literally) guided tour, relax in the tropical resort of Sahl Hasheesh, visit the Museums of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, take a cruise to Egypt and go diving in Sharm El Sheikh.

Besides, flights and accommodation are cheaper because of the heat and you can negotiate prices with your hotel.

Fall and Winter: the best time in Egypt to avoid the heat

Fall and winter represent the high season in Egypt for the tourists that look to beat the heat of spring and summer. The weather and temperature are perfect for sightseeing. During this period, it’s still warm during the day, but you won’t be scorching hot unless you explore the deep south.

This is the perfect time in Egypt to wander the historical streets of incredible tropical oases such as Dakhla, Bahariya, and Siwa in the Western Desert.

The White Desert National Park is another popular destination in winter and so is the visit to Qarat Al Muzawwaqa and its colorful painted tombs.

Best festivals and events 

Egyptian Marathon

This 100 km race takes place in January in the Nile Valley every year. This spectacular event takes runners among the famous pyramids of Hawara (El-Fayoum) and Sakkarah near Cairo via Memphis along the western bank of the mystical Nile river.

Over 1,800 runners organized in teams of 5 embrace this pharaonic journey every year under the eyes of thousands of cheering spectators.

Coptic Christmas

January 7 is the day the Copts of Egypt, representing the second religious community in the country after Muslims, celebrate Christmas. That’s because the Orthodox religion follows the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas is therefore celebrated 13 days later than Catholic Christmas. During this special day, Egyptian families go to church, visit relatives and prepare meals consisting of Christmas turkey, rice, garlic, meat, and bread. 

A festive atmosphere fills the air, especially in Alexandria and Cairo. Even though the Copts represent 10% of the population, the entire country celebrates. So much so that January 7 is a public holiday in Egypt.

Sham El-Nessim

Sham El-Nessim, which literally means “inhaling the fresh breeze,” is a spring festival that takes place across Egypt every year in April after Easter. This national holiday usually kicks off with a great national picnic where more than 50 million Egyptians head to zoos, public lawns and gardens and parks to enjoy a meal together. 

During Sham El-Nessim, Egyptians eat Fesikh (fermented, salted, and dried gray mullet), eggs, and onion.

What to pack and tips

  • In winter, bring a warm jacket and an umbrella if you’re planning to stay in Cairo, Alexandria and the Sinai peninsula region. 
  • Heaters aren’t common in Egypt. You’ll only be able to warm your accommodation if it features a reversible air conditioning unit. 
  • Most travelers require a Egypt visa, so check whether you need one before booking your flights. 
  • Tap water is unsafe to drink. Therefore, don’t drink, cook or brush your teeth with it. Instead, only use boiled and bottled water or bring water purification tablets with you.
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