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Is Egypt safe to visit? Discover all of our security advice

by Pilar Dujan | July 23, 2019
Mohamed Ali mosque in Cairo in Egypt safety egypt

Egypt has always been one of the most popular destinations for travel. It is no surprise if we consider the importance of a country marked by one of the most attractive and mysterious cultures in history.

However, is it safe to travel to Egypt? The short answer is yes, it is safe to travel to Egypt, according to tourism experts. However, as with most places, you should take some security measures to make sure your Egypt trip flows as smoothly as possible.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt?

As previously stated, tourism experts agree that yes, it’s safe to travel to Egypt. But, as a country with a previous history of turmoil and thousands of tourists and local citizens roaming around, it’s necessary to take certain precautions.

In addition to the obviousness of strictly following the indications of the local authorities, you should not leave tourist routes.

Avoid demonstrations and very busy events. It’s necessary to have a permit to protest according to Egyptian law so, even if you’re just standing near a demonstration, you could be subject to unwanted attention from the police.

Also, it’s advisable to keep your belongings close to you and to never have all your money on you. You should know that the tours and hotels have the highest security measures, so you will be perfectly safe there.

Do not forget that tourism is one of the main sources of income in this country, the authorities like to keep tourist areas well-monitored to ensure that this remains the case.

Be attentive to the avenues and roads. Be careful when crossing. Egypt has some traffic issues, but you can move around on foot without problems.

Lastly, avoiding public displays of affection as much as possible is another one of the recommendations which will allow you to experience your holiday in Egypt without complications.

If you ever feel like you’re in a difficult situation, you can call the tourist police by dialing 126. The number for the emergency police is 122. However, since it’s safe to visit Egypt, you probably won’t ever need to contact the authorities.

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Is Egypt safe as a whole or are there areas to avoid?

Most of the country is completely safe, including all the bigger cities in Egypt.

Unfortunately, some areas of Egypt can be prone to conflicts and it’s best to avoid them. The areas to avoid are:

  • The Sinai Peninsula, although Sharm El-Sheikh is safe for tourists (if they travel by air)
  • Border areas: the neighboring countries are Israel (East), Sudan (South) and Libya (West).
  • The Western Desert

Common scams: is Egypt safe for tourists?

Although Egypt really is safe, it’s necessary to be aware of the most common scams aimed at tourists so you don’t lose your money or your time. Here are a few tips to stay alert:

  • You can walk from one of the pyramids of Egypt to the other without any effort. Avoid taking a horse-drawn carriage or a camel: they will charge more than what they say initially and it’s unnecessary.
  • If you do take a camel ride or a horse carriage (at the pyramids or anywhere else), always settle on the price beforehand and pay at the end of the trip. The same goes for taxis taken in the street (it’s best to use Uber or other mobile apps).
  • Give the drivers, people asking in the street and other sellers the exact change in Egyptian pounds.
  • Sometimes you will be told that the daytime bus to Cairo from the airport doesn’t exist. It does. Just take the blue and white shuttles to the main bus station.
  • Don’t let anyone take a photo for you, buy tickets for you or give you a “free tour” of an attraction. They will always demand a tip.
  • Bargain your heart out! Everything tends to be overpriced for tourists.

Find out if Egypt is safe to travel and visit the Great Temple of Ramesses II

Is Egypt safe to travel alone?

Yes! You won’t have any issues traveling alone. However, it’s not a good idea to walk alone at night. If you want to move around, it’s best to do it by taking an Uber.

Is Egypt safe to visit alone as a woman?

Islamic countries can have different customs and regulations, and it is best to take them into account to fit in. So, is Egypt safe for women? Yes, but you will have to take certain precautions.

Women will have to pack modest clothes for their trip to Egypt. Although it’s not necessary to be fully covered, it is advised to cover shoulders, midriff and knees at the very least.

This doesn’t precisely tie into the country’s Islamic culture (although being covered is mandatory for entering mosques, you’re not obligated to dress like that anywhere else).

It’s common for women to receive stares, marriage proposals and comments from Egyptian men, so not having that much skin exposed will help control the amount of attention. Another tip: carry with you a fake engagement ring! It could be of massive help guarding off the advances of Egyptian men.

It’s also a possibility that men or boys will ask to take pictures with women travelers. It’s not a good idea, so try to avoid it (even if they are little boys).

If you’re taking a tour to an isolated place, like the desert for example, make sure you feel safe with your company of choice.

To ensure you can stand up for yourself, practice these two Egyptian phrases:

  • “La” (no)
  • “La Shukran” (no, thank you)

Is it safe to travel to Egypt with children?

Yes, absolutely. It’s a popular destination for families and Egyptians are fond of children, so they will get treated well everywhere.