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Time in Nepal: when is the best time to visit Nepal?

by Visagov | November 8, 2022
village in the middle of mountains in Nepal

Nepal is a small landlocked country set in the Himalayas that borders with India and Tibet. Its magnificent snowy peaks, shimmering temples and warm locals will captivate any traveller. If you're looking for adventure and adrenaline mixed with spirituality and culture, a trip to Nepal is for you. Don't forget to read our Nepal travel guide for more information.

The Nepal weather is moderate, with some months of hot and humid weather. The temperature will also depend on the altitude you are at. There is no wrong season to visit Nepal, you just have to plan your trip carefully according to each season. 

General climate and Nepal Weather 

Nepal is on a subtropical latitude and due to its mountainous terrain it has varying temperatures. The yearly monsoon season brings hot temperatures and humidity. 

The average temperature in summer in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, between May and August is between 27ºC to 29ºC and at the lowest is around 15ºC to 18ºC. In the winter the temperatures can vary from 17ºC and 23ºC and can reach lows of 8ºC to 2ºC. 

Most visitors travel to Nepal in spring or autumn, which are great seasons to enjoy mountaineering, the best trekking in Nepal and other outdoor activities. Nepal can still be a good destination in winter, but bear in mind that many mountain trails could face icy and snowy conditions. 

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

During autumn, in the months of October and November, Nepal will fill up with travellers, as the weather in Nepal is ideal for trekking and other outdoor activities. Bear in mind that mountain trails around the Annapurna Mountain Range and Mount Everest may become busier during the high season. It is also a good idea to book any accommodation and travel in advance. 

During March and April, the Nepal weather is quite warm and nature is blossoming in Nepal. It's a great time to visit some of Nepal tourist places like Bardia or Chitwan National Parks. In these parks there are around 68 species of mammals, and you can see animals such as tigers, rhinos and crocodiles

Time in Nepal Mount Everest in Nepal

Nepal weather by month

Nepal weather from January to March 

During the months of January to March, Nepal generally experiences winter conditions. January is one of the coldest months in Nepal, especially in higher altitude areas. The weather in Nepal can range from the 2°C to 18°C (36°F to 64°F). Nevertheless, in higher altitude areas like the Himalayas, temperatures can drop well below freezing.

February continues to be cold in most parts of Nepal, with a gradual increase in temperatures that can range from 3°C to 20°C (37°F to 68°F). March marks the transition from winter to spring, and temperatures start to rise up to 24ºC. Then, the weather becomes more suitable for trekking in the lower altitude regions, but higher altitude areas still experience cold temperatures.

Nepal weather in April

The Nepal weather in April makes it a popular time for tourism and outdoor activities because there are mild temperatures across most parts of Nepal. In places like Kathmandu and Pokhara temperatures can range from around 10°C to 28°C (50°F to 82°F). In higher altitude areas, such as trekking destinations like Annapurna and Everest, temperatures will still be cooler, but they are comfortable for trekking compared to the cold winter months.

April is considered one of the best times to visit Nepal due to the clear skies, mild temperatures, and a Nepal weather that is dry, with little rainfall.

Nepal weather in May 

The weather in Nepal in May is warm and with a higher likelihood of rainfall because of the beginning of the pre-monsoon season. In places like Kathmandu and Pokhara temperatures can range from around 18°C to 30°C (64°F to 86°F).

In general, the weather in Nepal is warm and pleasant during the day, but temperatures can drop at night, especially in higher elevation areas. Early May can still be a good time for trekking in Nepal, especially in lower altitude regions, but as the month progresses and the pre-monsoon rain showers become more frequent, trekking conditions can become less predictable.

Nepal weather from June to August

June, July and August are the hottest months of the year in Nepal, with temperatures ranging from 29ºC to 17ºC depending on the area of the country. Monsoon season starts around the middle of June and ends mid-September, although it varies slightly depending on the year. Monsoon brings humidity, as the country gets around 80% of its annual rainfall during this time. There are fewer tourists during this period, but the advantage is that prices will be lower

During the Nepalese summer you can enjoy more cultural or spiritual activities such as day trips to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites near Kathmandu and Pokhara or visiting temples if trekking is difficult because of the Nepal weather. 

Nepal weather in September

September is a good month to visit Nepal, as it falls right after the monsoon season and marks the beginning of autumn. The weather during September is generally pleasant, making it a great time for outdoor activities and trekking and with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 28°C (64°F to 82°F) in lower altitude regions.

The weather in Nepal is generally dry with clear skies, making it one of the best time to go to Nepal and trek. The trails are dry and the landscapes are lush and green after the monsoon rains. 

Weather in Nepal in October 

October is one of the best times to visit Nepal, as it offers clear skies, mild temperatures, and stable weather conditions. This month falls within the autumn season, the most pleasant time for tourists.

The weather in Nepal in October is dry with minimal rainfall and you can find clear skies that give an excellent view of the Himalayan peaks.

October is a peak tourist season in Nepal, so popular tourist destinations and trekking routes can be quite busy. It's a good idea to book accommodations and tours in advance.

Weather in Nepal in November 

The weather in Nepal in November is similar to October. In lower altitude areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara, temperatures can range from around 10°C to 20°C (50°F to 68°F), but at higher elevations, temperatures are cooler and can get quite chilly.

November is a popular month for tourism in Nepal due to the favorable weather conditions, but it is not as crowded as October

Nepal weather in December

In December it is winter season and the weather in Nepal is generally dry with clear skies. Days are shorter, and the nights are longer, contributing to the colder temperatures. In lower altitude areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara, daytime temperatures can range from 7°C to 20°C (45°F to 68°F). In higher elevation areas, temperatures drop significantly,.

While trekking is possible in December, it's important to be prepared for cold weather. Popular trekking routes like the Annapurna and Everest regions can be challenging due to the cold.

Explore the Everest Base Camp Trail with the weather in Nepal by month

Best festivals and events in Nepal

Nepal holds a special status for both Hindus and Buddhists, so you can expect many of the local festivities to be of a religious nature. Here are some of the best events you shouldn't miss:

Maghe Sankranti 

This auspicious festival takes place in mid-January and it symbolises the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of a new year for the Tharu people, an ethnic group in Nepal. Hindus take baths in the holy river locations around Nepal and worship Lord Vishnu and organize Puja rituals. There is also singing and dancing and in countryside areas bamboo swings are built, not just for children but also for adults to play on. 


Holi is the world-famous Hindu festival of coloured powder which is full of joy and excitement. In Nepal Holi is also known as Fagu Purnima, and it is celebrated to welcome the spring season.

Originally, the powders thrown were natural Ayurvedic herbs and flower extracts like neem and turmeric that were supposed to protect people from diseases during the changing of the seasons. Nowadays, they are synthetic.

If you are in Nepal during Holi, get ready to get soaked or dyed in color, and as the festival goes on for two days, there's no escaping!

Holi festival in Nepal during the best time to visit Nepal

Indra Jatra 

This festival is the biggest street festival in Kathmandu. There are masked dances of characters dressed as gods and demons. This festival is celebrated in honor of the god Indra, the king of heaven, but there is also a procession to worship a goddess, the Kumari, a virgin girl who is believed to be the living embodiment of the goddess Durga.

This festival is usually celebrated in September. In 2023 it will take place on the 23rd of September. 

Kartik Naach

Kartik Dance is a traditional dance and drama festival that happens during the months of October and November. This festival originally lasted 27 days, but now lasts 2. The dances are held in the seventeenth-century World Heritage Site Patan Palace. This festival started as a way to clean the area of Patan from bad spirits and it tells stories from the life of the god Vishnu. 

What to pack and Nepal travel tips 

  • One of our travel tips for Nepal is to pack a range of lightweight thermal layers that you can alternate. 
  • Nepal is quite a conservative and religious country, so make sure you dress respectfully. It is disrespectful for women and girls to bare their shoulders and knees, so keep that in mind when packing your clothes. 
  • It is often cheaper to fly to India and cross into Nepal over land. Check out our article on how to get to Nepal and getting around Nepal for all the information you might need. 
  • Try to avoid hiking alone, it’s much safer to go with a guide or join others who are experienced mountaineers.