How to make the most out of an adventure tourism trip

by Elena Escudero | May 18, 2020
backpacker on a prairie

Are you going on an adventure trip? If the answer is yes, you might have many doubts about how to prepare yourself. Surely your adventure tourism trip will be in a distant country, whose language you do not speak, with an unknown currency and traditions. Everything out your comfort zone. We have prepared this essential checklist to enjoy your adventure trip:

How do I plan an adventure trip?

The 1st step: Visa and flights

It may seem obvious, but the first thing you have to find out is if you need a travel visa to the destination country or the countries in which you need to stop. If you are going to visit several countries, you will have to investigate the requirements for tourists and travellers. You should also know if the connections of your flights are at the same airport or different airports.

Adventure travel: real risk, or safe thrills?

It is essential to take out travel insurance that covers accidents and illnesses. If everything goes well, you shouldn't use it, but when something happens on the other side of the world, your travel insurance is going to be your best ally.

Are there any necessary vaccines? Make sure you have the required ones for the region you are traveling to. Also make sure to get the international vaccination card. Do not hesitate to contact for any questions.

Additionally, you must prepare a travel kit with the basics: mosquito repellent, medicine for altitude sickness, disinfectant, pain relievers and gastrointestinal medications.

What should I bring to an adventure?

Knowing which climatic regions you visit is the first step in choosing what you need. If it is going to rain a lot, but you will be in low altitudes and in tropical climates, do not take warm clothes. If you are going to visit high and cold areas, take two pieces of thermal clothing.

As a general rule, try to choose clothes that are light, easy to wash, waterproof, thermal and that you can wear in different scenarios.

binoculars and travel equipment

Recommended equipment for an adventure trip

Depending on the adventure level of your trip you will have to prepare one type of equipment or another. If you go camping throughout the trip, you should make sure to having the essentials. If you need to take a camping kit with basic utensils, keep in mind that elements such as gas are not allowed in any type of luggage and that knives or razors are only allowed in checked luggage.

You should think about what items you can easily buy at the destination to save space and problems in security controls.

Other items that can make your trip more comfortable are: a head torch, a portable charger, a canteen, walking sticks, a waterproof cover for your backpack and an airtight plastic bag for your important items. Regarding hygiene, it is always better to take solid and multipurpose soaps, so that you can also wash a garment if necessary. 

What transport should I use in my destination?

Find out what type of transport is used in the country or countries you are going to visit. How are you going to get from the airport to your next destination? What is the safest way to move from city to city?
In most countries it is possible to use applications like Uber, which guarantee certain security for the user and allow you to pay by card. In other countries the most comfortable option may be the bus or the train, but you will surely need cash and small coins.

There are also applications to buy long-distance bus tickets that allow you not to have to print the ticket and only use your mobile. Do some research before you leave.

woman in front of a jeep

What kind of technology should I take? 

The goal of an adventure tourist trip is to get lost in the middle of nature for days, but you should think about carrying a portable charger if you want to be able to take photos or use your phone. 

Technology does not always work, so if you are one of those who carry everything on their phone, it is recommended that you have some basic details noted somewhere else. Important phone numbers, addresses, dates and anything that may be necessary when your phone does not work.

Also be sure to bring a power adapter to charge your devices. Sometimes having a single cable that works for all devices is enough.

How much money do I need for an adventure destination?

In the middle of the jungle there are no ATMs and they will not accept cards in the desert. You should bring enough cash for the days that you will be more isolated, and you should take into account the cost of living in your destination. Furthermore, you have to know the currency in advance and check the conditions of your bank to withdraw money at foreign ATMs.

What security measures should I take on my adventure trip?

Don't forget to check if there is any kind of security alert. Find out where the consulate or embassy of your country is and write down an emergency telephone number. It is recommended that someone close to you knows your travel plans in case something happens and you have no way to communicate.