Things to see in Jordan: the best tourist attractions

by Cristóbal Manjón | May 18, 2020
camels in the desert in Jordan

Located in the Middle East, Jordan is one of the most accessible and safest countries in the Arab world, despite being surrounded by countries in conflict. Just for Petra, one of the most wonderful archaeological complexes in the whole world, it is worth the trip. To travel to Jordan you need a travel visa and know about the must-sees in the country.


It is the country's capital and usually the gateway to Jordan. Known as the white city, despite not having an overwhelming beauty, it is worth dedicating a day for it's interesting mix of modernity and tradition.

Built on seven hills, the one of the Citadel stands out, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the capital and where you will find the remains of the Temple of Hercules, as well as the Archaeological Museum of Amman. In the lower city it is essential to visit the Roman Theater, the King Abdullah I Mosque, the Abu Darwish Mosque and some souks.


If there is a must-see in Jordan, this is it. Located about 250 kilometers south of Amman, the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom is only accessible by the Siq, an incredible gorge. This made Petra very difficult to find and, in fact, it was rediscovered in the early 19th century.

It is essential to go up to the Sacrifice altar, from where you get fantastic views of the surroundings of the lost city of the Nabataeans, and to the Monastery, a beautiful temple that is, along with the Treasury, also a must-see. You can climb by foot or on the back of a donkey. 

Al-Khazneh the Treasury in Petra

Dead Sea and Wadi Mujib

Diving into the Dead Sea, which is located between Israel, Egypt and Jordan, is a unique experience, since it is the saltiest sea in the world (up to three times more than any other). The high density of its waters, which reaches 1.24 kg / liter, allows it to float effortlessly. It is also the deepest place on earth, 400 meters below sea level.

Due to the large amount of magnesium, calcium and potassium, these waters have healing properties that date back almost 3,000 years. In the hotels and spas located on the shores of the Dead Sea you can have different beauty and health treatments.

Dead Sea in Jordan

Wadi Rum

Another of the essential places to see in Jordan is the Wadi Rum desert. It is characterized by its red sands, a product of the mix of iron, mounds and stony rocks. Most of it must be travelled by jeep, although you can also get through with a camel or quad.

There you can discover the places that inspired Lawrence of Arabia, drink a tea with the Bedouins or spend the night in a tent looking at the spectacular starry sky.

Karak Castle

On the way from Amman to Petra or Wadi Rum, it is worth a little visiting Karak Castle, a 1000-meter-high fortress built at the time of the Crusades in the Middle East with the aim of guarding and protecting caravans commercials from Egypt and elsewhere. After a time it was used as a spearhead for military expeditions of the crusaders, in the end after several assaults the fortress passed into Muslim hands.


Known as the city of mosaics, Madaba is another must-see place in Jordan. Located about 30 kilometers south of Amman, near the Dead Sea. It can be easily reached by bus or taxi. A must see is the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George, with an enormous mosaic made up of two million colored tiles that make up the oldest surviving map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Mount Nebo and Bethany

There are several places mentioned in the Old and New Testaments that we can find in Jordan, such as Mount Nebo and the Jordan River area. Mount Nebo is the place where Moses glimpsed the Promised Land and died after a long journey from Egypt.

Another of the places that most pilgrims visit is Bethany, on the bank of the Jordan, where John the Baptist is said to have baptized Jesus. Across the river, the border and the soldiers of Israel, many people fill or buy bottles of this water, which has miraculous properties.

desert in Jordan

Desert Castles

To the east of Amman, scattered throughout the desert, we find several ancient castles worth visiting. They are the so-called Desert Castles, many of which were used as caravansaries, in which the merchants who travelled in caravans and traded with species and other products used to rest or spend the night.

Another place you must see is the Qusayr Amra, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Qasr Kharana is the most spectacular and the best preserved, and the Qasr Al Azraq, the most visited. Lawrence of Arabia used it as a fortress and center of operations during the Arab revolution.

Gulf of Aqaba

Spending a few relaxing days in one of the Gulf of Aqaba vacation resorts can be an excellent culmination for your trip to Jordan. It is a wonderful place on the banks of the Red Sea, perfect for escaping from everything and a place to enjoy marine life.