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Things to do in Uganda: Main activities and attractions

by Diana Quintero | July 23, 2019
Uganda jungle views main attractions uganda

In Uganda things to do will never lack. The Pearl of Africa has stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife and unique cultures, all of which provide attraction for international tourists. 

Enjoy this guide to the things to do in Uganda. Now all you have to do is apply for your Uganda evisa and start planning.

Impenetrable jungle of Bwindi and in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

This natural space is a sanctuary for the mountain gorillas and many other animals. Taking part in a Uganda gorilla trekking is one of the preferred things to do in Uganda for tourists. You can see them in their habitat and understand their customs better.

Do not forget to enjoy the flora and the rest of the fauna in a park full of charms. The park has an extraordinary size. You explore it by means of various vehicles.

Large animals walk its length with complete peace of mind. Take the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of one of the best places to visit in Uganda.

Travelling to Murchison Falls and Lake Mburo

These two staples of what to do in Uganda are inside the national park of the same name. They are surprising because they are the opposite of what you expect from the things to do in Uganda. They are as impressive as they are worthy of visiting with tranquility. 

Lake Mburo is a big game reserve controlled by the government. It stands out for the large variety of its fauna. So, it will not be difficult for you to find zebras, antelopes, wild boars and, of course, the elegant leopards. Enjoy the wildest nature.

Red soil and green grass in Uganda

Honouring the king of the jungle in the Bugungu Reserve

The Bugungu Reserve is possibly one of the most suitable places to discover the characteristics of Ugandan fauna. With a size that exceeds 500 square kilometres, next to the reserve of Karuma, it forms a unit that is one of the essential things to do in Uganda.

Rwenzori, one of the most unique places to visit in Uganda

In the Ugandan town of Rwenzori you can find the Mountains of the Moon. Here is where the source of the River Nile is located and its landscape is as enigmatic as it is beautiful. The fog and the change of temperature are two aspects that make this place totally different to the other things to do in Uganda.

Letting yourself get carried away by the modernity of Kampala

The capital of the country does not cease to be committed to modernity, but always without forgetting the natural environment that ends up influencing its urbanism. Visiting the city of Kampala is one of the best things to do in Uganda to better understand the culture of the country.

Navigate Lake Kyoga or let yourself get carried away by Jinja's charms

At 914 metres above sea level and with a total area of 1720 square kilometres, Lake Kyoga is one of the things to do in Uganda that best allow you to discover the native flora and fauna. Lovers of ornithology cite this place as one of the most beautiful in the world, making it one of the top things to do in Uganda for people who share the interest.

Founded in 1907, Jinja is a city that is a perfect hybrid between modernity and African culture. You can use it as a base for rafting on the Nile or to go directly to visit the distillery.

Remember that part of the ashes of Ghandi are scattered in the White Nile source where you will find a monument in his memory.