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Cambodia entry requirements that all tourists must follow

by Catherine Carey | May 4, 2023
map of Cambodia

Are you thinking of travelling to Cambodia any time soon? Are you unsure about what documents to take and what to keep in mind when planning the trip? In this article we will give you all the necessary information about the entry requirements for Cambodia.

The land of waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, jungles, elephants in their natural habitat, best quality meats, temple complex Angkor Wat and beaches with crystalline waters is waiting for you!

Cambodia entry requirements


To follow the Cambodia travel requirements, you need to have a valid passport that has a validity of at least 6 months from the entry and a blank page.


All nationalities travelling to the country for tourism or any other reason are required to apply for an entry visa to comply with the Cambodia entry requirements, except for people from Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand who are exempt from visa requirements for stays not exceeding 20 days.

The Tourist eVisa is processed online. It is a way of applying for the Cambodia visa that will take little time and that can be processed by specialized company, which will speed up and ensure the whole process. You will just need to fill in a simple form, pay any linked fees and receive your visa in your Email.

You can check if your nationality is up for a Cambodian tourist eVisa in our eligibility checker. Nationals of Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Nigeria cannot apply for visas online and must apply in person through the embassy.

You can learn more about other types of visas for Cambodia in our guide on how to get a Cambodia visa.

Cambodia travel requirements for Angkor Wat

Travel insurance

Having medical insurance for your stay in Cambodia is not one of the compulsory Cambodia entry requirements, but it is advisable to have good travel coverage. This is important because if you suffer an accident or you get an illness, the medical costs can be quite high. With a travel insurance you won’t have to worry about this and pay out of pocket.

It is even more important to have an insurance if you are thinking of practising any outdoor activity.


The Cambodia currency is the Cambodian Riel (KHR), although the American dollar is accepted almost everywhere as a second currency. In any establishment, you can use any of the two currencies, although it is very likely that you will get the change back in Riels.

You can buy Riels at the foreign exchange offices you will find at the airport or any bank in the country. Keep in mind that the Maybank bank does not charge any type of commission for exchanging or withdrawing money.

You will also find foreign exchange offices, but they usually have a higher commission. Most ATMs have US dollars available and will let you withdraw up to 500$ at a time.

The use of credit cards is not very common in rural or less touristy areas, you should always carry some cash with you. You can use credit cards in hotels and restaurants.


The only mandatory vaccine in the Cambodia entry requirements is yellow fever, but only if you are coming from an endemic country. Tetanus, Malaria, Rabies, Typhoid and Diphtheria, Cholera, Hepatitis A, B or C vaccines are recommended. Mosquito repellent should not be forgotten, as these insects can spread different diseases.

Whenever you travel to a country as exotic as Cambodia, it is advisable to contact your country's international vaccination centre. Depending on several factors you will have to be vaccinated for one thing or another, they will inform you of your specific case.