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Discover all the major cities in Ethiopia: A guide

by Ana Sofía Teresita | Mon 22 Jul 2019
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Ethiopia is a country that will surprise you from the first moment. We review the list of its most important cities below.

Cities in Ethiopia: a map

If we're planning a trip to Ethiopia, it's important that we know which places to go and in which order. The first step? A map of the major cities in Ethiopia.

Cities in Ethiopia map

Addis Ababa, the capital of modernity

In this great city you will find everything. The most important out of all the cities in Ethopia is characterised by respecting history and looking to the West. Africa Road is the closest thing to Fifth Avenue in New York. On its streets the locals mix with UN diplomats, creating a contrast that is more than remarkable.

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Bahir Dar, a luxury by Lake Tana

It is one of the most touristic cities in the country and the most popular for Ethiopians. It is easy to find a wide range of hotels and restaurants. It is highly recommended to get another point of view of the country.

Gondar, remembering the empire

It has been Christian since the 17th century and almost became a spiritual reserve of Africa. The kings of the country decided to emulate the European monarchs and filled the city with castles. Its historic centre is medieval and unique on the continent. Only because of its rarity is it worth the visit.

Gondar, Ethiopia

Harar and its walls, a necessary anachronism

In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important cities for the Islamic religion. Its history is marked by having been a key point in the commercial routes. Within its walled enclosure are more than 100 mosques. Its calm and liberal atmosphere makes the difference. Do not miss the hyena man, a man who feeds these animals every night. It is one of the most characteristic tourist attractions of the city.

Dodola, the gateway to the Bale Mountains

These mountains are the favourite destination for thousands of people who love hiking. Next to the doors of this natural park is the small town of Dodola. In the surroundings there are several cabins so you can sleep while doing a tour for several days in the park. The diverse villages at 3,000 metres high, the rivers and the different natural places are part of its undeniable charm. Do not forget to socialise and meet the friendly people of this area of the country.

Lalibela and its churches carved out of the rocks

This city is 2,500 metres high and is surprising because of its orthodox churches carved into stone. Some of these buildings are 10 centuries old. In 1978 it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Church in stone in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Debark, a perfect operational base to visit the Simien Mountains

It is a small town that is at the gates of the Simien Mountains National Park. It is very easy to find companies that make it easier for you to travel through this magnificent natural environment from which you can have get another point of view of a privileged area of the country.

We hope we have clarified what the main cities are in Ethiopia, a country full of secrets that you should visit to have a different concept of the African continent.

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