Visagov’s travel affiliate programs for travel agencies

by Pilar Dujan | May 12, 2023
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What does Visagov do and why is it the best travel affiliate program?

Visagov was born as a way to facilitate applying for travel visas for anywhere in the world. Traveling abroad is stressful and getting a visa can be even more difficult, any small mistake could cause a denial on our application.

Applying for a visa with Visagov is the easiest way: you only have to fill a simplified online form similar for all countries and with 24/7 assistance in case of issues or doubts.

Another huge perk of applying for a visa with Visagov is the language. Usually, the visa applications are in the country’s home language. However, with Visagov you can fill the application in your own language: Spanish, English, Chinese, Polish, French, German… you name it! 

Not only is Visagov helpful to individuals, it’s also an important asset for travel agencies and tour providers. It works best for a travel agency, for example, because they can upload all their clients’ information in bulk. We take care of the rest.

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What is the definition of affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are used for online marketing. These types of travel programs involve two parties: in this case, Visagov and, for example, an online travel agent. 

We recruit an affiliate, meaning someone who promotes our services (blogger, travel agencies, etc.), and for every sale that they generate, they receive a commission

Why create this visa affiliate program? Because it’s a great way to increase traffic to a website and sales. By promoting our product in new websites, the visibility gain allows for the arrival of new clients that maybe didn’t know about the company before. 

But that’s not all: there’s a huge upside for affiliates as well. For example, with no cost involved on their part, our affiliates are able to monetize their website’s traffic and they can also offer new products and a broader service for their audience.

Why should travel agencies join travel affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs have to work for every party involved. In the case of travel agencies, they are able to:

  • Have additional earnings: by selling a trip to a country that requires a visa, a travel agency part of our affiliate program also receives a commission for the processing of the visa. By using the personalized links we provide to apply for visas and promote our services, travel agencies can register the sale as theirs and earn that commission. 
  • Offer more products and services: because they would not only be selling trips or tours, but also travel visas to anywhere in the world.
  • Save time and effort by not having to do research or look for assistance in anything related to visas.
  • Improve their reputation by offering a more complete service for their clients. Travel agencies are able to become full-rounded providers of traveling solutions. 

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Can I take affiliate programs to the global stage?

Absolutely! If you can get affiliates from other countries, you will also earn access to clients from those new places. 

Visagov works in a multitude of languages (10!), so we are able to work with affiliates and customers from all over the world.  

How does Visagov’s travel affiliate program work?

The first thing we do is provide our affiliates (a blogger, an online travel agent, web developers, etc.) with their own personalized link. This is what they will use to promote Visagov in their own websites and, also, register their sales. Whenever a customer clicks this link and purchases a visa, our system will know which affiliate is responsible and will assign them a commission. 

Each click generates a cookie that lasts for one year. Every new click refreshes this validity for another year. If a customer makes more than one purchase, every new one increases the value of the commission. 

Our affiliates also have access to a multitude of custom assets and banners to promote our service. However, if they prefer not to use them, they can just put their personalized link in a visible spot of their website. 

How to join our affiliate program

Becoming a part of our affiliate program is extremely easy. Just go to our website and fill a short form with your personal information. That's it!

Online form to join the travel affiliate program of Visagov

Create your account!

Once you join, you are able to access our affiliate system in Post Affiliate Pro, the best affiliation software in the market, from which you will be able to manage your account, check your commission earnings and download our free assets

How can you cash your commissions?

Our affiliates have to earn at least 50€ in commissions to be able to start cashing them. Once they have reached that amount, our affiliates can ask for payment through Post Affiliate Pro

Each travel agency or affiliate will be able to access a receipt for each payment made.

The upside of our visa affiliate program for an online travel agent, affiliates and customers

Visagov strives to make sure each person involved has the best experience possible. We work hard to minimize the chance of customers leaving their purchase unfinished. Every customer in this situation receives our personalized assistance to smooth over any issues or questions. This means that, at the same time, each affiliate has a better chance of earning their commission. 

On top of that, we also try to make sure our customers are requiring our service more than once, and repeated sales increase our affiliates’ commissions.

What do we do to keep improving our users’ experience with Visagov? We keep our website and the application process as optimized and streamlined as possible. We also send reminders and mailing campaigns to our visitors to avoid losing a sale and a commission for our affiliates.